DAR Sports: AFC and NFC West Predictions

Well, by now you know the drill. We've covered the AFC and NFC North & South, so today we're talking the west. You already know.  Let's get right into it.


The AFC West is going to be pretty good this year. It's gonna be funny to see at least one of these teams in LA next year. I think the Chargers will win the division this year, I just think it's time. Denver is about to start to fade as Peyton fades, but will still be in the playoffs. Kansas City will still be solid but they need a new QB. Alex Smith still can't throw down field consistently and that's a problem. I also see Oakland starting to build something special, and I trust Jack Del Rio when it comes to building playoff contenders.

Oakland (5-11)
San Diego (12-4)
Kansas City  (9-7)

The AFC West is always a mystery to me. You never truly know what to expect from that division. I'm going with the Chargers to take the division. Broncos are always a possibility, but I think Chargers might edge em. Raiders and Chiefs? I really don't know. Maybe the Raiders will shock the world this season. I'm hoping so cause I'm tired of them being the laughingstock of the NFL.

1.) Chargers, 11-5
2.) Broncos, 10-6
3.) Raiders, 9-7
4.) Chiefs, 4-12


*Denver Broncos(12-4)
-Peyton is coming back with a fury this year and I have the Broncos taking the division. Barely.

*San Diego Chargers(11-5)
-Chargers are coming out the gate focused and ready for the season I believe. They will give the Broncos a scare for the division and make the playoffs anyways.

*Oakland Raiders(6-10)
-The Raiders will be a good team in the next few years I believe. Next few years being the keywords.

*Kansas City Chiefs(8-8)
-The Chiefs will be a solid team this year, but not good enough to contend for the division or the playoffs.

The Broncos will win. Why? Peyton Manning isn't going out like that. Sure, he's getting to Favre levels of "will he, won't he" bullshit. But, at least Peyton's presence is still warranting greatness. The Chiefs are up-and-coming and I like that they're not saying "die" in the face of the Broncos. That's courageous. But, it's just not their year.

Denver Broncos: 12-4
Kansas City Chiefs: 11-5
San Diego Chargers: 8-8
Oakland Raiders: 5-11


On the NFC West side of things, expect the Seahawks to repeat. They're practically unchanged from last year. Marshawn isn't just here so he won't get fined. If he were, I'm sure he would've retired after last season. Russell Wilson, as much of an anomaly as he can he considered, he's going to continue to improve. Plus, the defense? Yeah....

Seattle Seahawks: 10-6
San Francisco 49ers: 10-6
St. Louis Rams: 5-11
Arizona Cardinals: 7-9

The NFC West will be interesting to see this season given the fact that Pete Carroll is pissed off and Harbaugh is no longer coaching the 49ers. I'm gonna go with the Cardinals to secure the division this year. With Seattle still being able to get a playoff spot. Rams with Foles will be interesting to watch as well.

1.) Cardinals, 13-3
2.) Seahawks, 11-5
3.) Rams, 9-7
4.) 49ers, 6-10

Not spending much time on this division because this is how it's gonna go. Seattle is winning the division again and possibly another Superbowl berth. Arizona and St. Louis will be solid again and San Francisco will not be as bad as the masses think. However they will still be out of the playoffs.

Arizona (10-6)
Seattle  (12-4)
San Francisco (8-8)
St Louis (8-8)


*San Francisco 49ers(9-7)
-I feel like this team will be okay without Harbaugh coaching, but not enough to contend for the division or the playoffs.

*Seattle Seahawks(12-4)
-Your division winners. They will be a solid team this year yet again, and I have them making the NFC Championship most likely. Let's hope Russell is focused after all the attention surrounding his off the field situations.

*Arizona Cardinals(10-6)
-The Cardinals will be a tough contender this year, and could possibly make the playoffs. Possibly. But they won't win the division.

*St. Louis Rams(7-9)
-The Rams will start to develop more in the 2nd half of the season, but will not be contenders this year. Perhaps the following season.

What are your picks? Tell us in the comments below.



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