DAR Sports: Best NBA Players Without A Championship

For every Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or Tim Duncan, there's a legendary superstar who hasn't won a championship. Today, we decided to list the players that we feel are the best who haven't won a ring. Let the discussion begin.


*Vince Carter

-The best player to never win a title in the NBA has to be Half Man Half Amazing, Vince Carter. The 8x All Star, 1999 Rookie of the Year, an Olympic Gold Medal, and 2000 Slam Dunk champion has pretty much done and accomplished everything a NBA player can. The only thing that's eluded him is that O'Brien trophy. He's never even been to a Finals series. I think with the right team, he could've finally achieved the top goal in the NBA. Some great players just aren't meant to have a ring, but I truly believe that VC is the best player to never have one. His tenure in Toronto alone would solidify that. Also, his veteran capabilities with the Nets, and now currently with the Grizzlies. The closest he ever got to a finals appearance was playing against the Celtics and eventually falling to them in the ECF. I've always said that VC is the Magic Johnson without rings. His game was always entertaining. Only reason why I'm leaving this opinion short and sweet is because he might still be able to win a ring with the Grizzlies. Only time will tell.....


*Karl Malone

-This is simple. He is second all time in points. The Mailman.


*Allen Iverson

The best player to never win a ring in my honest opinion would be A.I., Allen Iverson. How many players do you know that singlehandedly led their teams to the playoffs? Or the NBA Finals at that? I like the way he fearlessly played his game as well (he was the shortest player in the game at the time, which is even crazier). Whether he was crossing or scoring in crazy ways, he was damn near unstoppable no matter what.


*Allen Iverson

Fuck what you heard, it's what you're hearing. And if you're going to make a case against The Answer in this one? You better expect me, like the second coming of Jesus, to retort with fire and brimstone. He was an MVP finalist year in and year out, as he shot lights out. Oh, and he also was able to create. Sadly, for him, he had to create something out of nothing most of the time. So, he had to take Tyronne Lue and make him more than the guy who matched up against Kobe that one time...

Even Jesus could only perform but so many miracles. Iverson, over the years, became more and more of a team player. So, it saddens me that this great player, this legend, he never won a championship. That, plus he's been reduced by some to a soundclip.


*Charles Barkley

This was tough for me. Elgin Baylor, Karl Malone, John Stockton, and of course the Answer, Allen Iverson were all great choices. I leaned towards Iverson personally, and even thought to go with Malone, but in my humble opinion, the 1993 NBA MVP, Charles Barkley is the greatest player to never win a ring. Barkley was dominant, aggressive, and seemed primed to win a championship with the team of destiny(the 1993 Phoenix Suns). However, Jordan and the Bulls prevented that. Regardless, Barkley was a beast and he was one of my two favorite players growing up(you know who the other one is... I just mentioned his name), so I had to pick him off the strength of that.

Who do you guys feel is the best to never win a title? Let us know in the comments below.



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