DAR Sports NFL: AFC and NFC South Predictions

It's about that time. NFL time is amongst us. Today, we begin a new column where we look at the NFL, the upcoming season and predictions for the divisions. The divisions being discussed are the AFC and NFC South. We'll start with the AFC South.


AFC South-wise? I'll be honest: I give no shits about the AFC South, outside of what J.J. Watt does. I like what the Colts have been doing, slowly rebuilding their dynasty. I also have enjoyed that the Jaguars seem hell bent to be my favorite team to laugh my ass off about.

The AFC South?? For recent years I've said the Texans but I'm gonna go with the obvious choice of the Colts this time to win the division ONCE AGAIN. Titans will be a dark horse of course with Mariota, but will it be enough? I don't think so.

1. Colts, 12-4
2. Texans, 10-6
3. Titans, 8-8
4. Jaguars, who cares?


*Houston Texans
-I am looking forward to see the tandem of Watt and Clowney finally this year. Let's hope Jadeveon doesn't have any setbacks. Houston has a pretty good defense and they should be formidable. The quarterback situation is not exciting, but Ryan Mallet is the apparent frontrunner to start. They will miss Andre Johnson for that strong veteran leadership at receiver. While Deandre Hopkins is an ascending player, he's not going to take over games. I would have the Texans making the playoffs but with Arian Foster out its not likely.
Record Prediction: 8-8

*Jacksonville Jaguars
-I think Bortles has a bright future, he's sturdy and has great prototypical size for a QB. It's also good that he was thrown to the fire last year, because he's learning on the fly how to be a NFL QB. The defense is getting better, they're all young and hungry. Coach Bradley is establishing a good winning culture in Jacksonville and in due time they could make some noise. My problem with the Jags is it seems as if they just can't develop offensive talent. And it's a passing league, so they better get it together or its time for a new regime. Oh well, they can at least keep getting top draft prospects until then.
Record Prediction: 3-13

*Tennessee Titans
-Marcus Mariota intrigues me in a way. I'm still not completely sold on him gaining success as a NFL QB long-term though. I definitely don't trust Ken Weisenhunt to shape the scheme around him either. He has a tough time developing QBs as it was clear after Kurt Warner retired in Arizona. The same will be true in Tennessee. An uninspiring 5 win season is in the cards.
Record Prediction: 5-11

*Indianapolis Colts
-Luck finally has a spoil of riches on offense. Ty Hilton, who is in a contract year, will look to bounce back from an lukewarm season. Donte Moncrief will look to make a splash and by the way-- Andre Johnson and Frank Gore signed. The Colts will probably be a top 3 offense this year. I'm still confused as to why they didn't address that horrid linebacking corps and defense line. "Luck"ily  (see what I did there?), they have another easy schedule and will once again run through the division.
Record Prediction: 12-4


*Tennessee Titans(6-10)
-I personally don't believe Mariota will succeed much in his rookie season, and with the structure of this team, I can't see the Titans mustering up anything beyond a 6-10 record.

*Indianapolis Colts(12-4)
-Their offense will be tremendously stacked this year. This might be Luck's year, despite the defense not being as strong, I still see the Colts making a huge run this year, finishing out the season with a 12-4 record.

*Houston Texans(7-9 or 8-8)
-I want to give the Texans the benefit of the doubt. I would personally like to see them do much better than my prediction, as I'm a fan of J.J. Watt, but I see them going 7-9 this year, or a possible 8-8. Nothing higher.

*Jacksonville Jaguars(3-3 or 4-12)
-The Jags can't seem to catch a break anymore. Not much to even say here for me. At best, they will go 4-12. Nuff said.


The NFC SOUTH WAS HORRIBLE LAST SEASON!! Absolute garbage. A tragedy. A disgrace. The Panthers won the division, but with a really bad record. I predict the Panthers to win it again but with an 11-5 record this time. The Saints and Bucs will contend for a close 2nd, while the Falcons just go back to the bottom of the division.

1. Panthers, 11-5
2. Saints, 10-6
3. Bucs, 9-7
4. Falcons, 4-12


*Carolina Panthers
-With Cam getting a new deal, I'm sure he'll have a pretty good season. He will be motivated by a tumultuous last season, where he nearly died in an accident. The Panthers still managed to win the division and make the playoffs. I don't see that happening again this year. The O-Line and the run game are still suspect and they're still questions about Kelvin Benjamin and his problem with drops. However, I do like the addition on Devin Funchess at receiver to give Cam another big target. Carolina will have a winning record but will finish 3rd in the division.  
Record Prediction: 9-7

*Atlanta Falcons
-New Coach, new scheme. Dan Quinn was a good hire and the organization expects to get some of his defensive flare from Seattle. Atlanta's defense ranked at the bottom of sack totals, etc for the last few seasons. I believe they will get the D turned around and Vic Beasley is impressing in training camp. Their schedule isn't tough so they can at least win 9 games. I see them competing with the Saints for the division crown and a possible wild card spot. 
Record Prediction: 10-6

*Tampa Bay Buccaneers
-The team I will be following the most besides my Ravens and the Giants. I am a huge fan of Jameis Winston and I believe he will be great. I even predict he will be offensive rookie of the year. With that said, this will be a true rookie campaign for young Jameis, full of chemistry issues and everything you would expect. The Buccaneers are still growing and developing under Lovie Smith and I feel this will be transition year yet again. They'll be a playoff team in 2 seasons. 
Record Prediction: 5-11

*New Orleans Saints
-I am not a fan of the Saints. I still believe they were "given" a title because of Katrina. The Colts gave it away. Sounds harsh, but hey its my opinion. Anyway, it's time for Drew Brees to get back in the playoffs. The Saints traded Graham, but they boosted the offensive line. Drew needs to stay upright and the defense has to get better. They were horrid last year. New Orleans will win the NFC South crown this year. 
Record Prediction: 13-3


*Tampa Bay Buccaneers(8-8)
-I feel like this year will be a huge rookie season for Jameis. I'm a huge fan of his personally, and can't wait to see what he brings to the Bucs. I don't see them making the playoffs, but they will develop that chemistry and grow into one, possibly next season. I see them going 8-8

*New Orleans Saints(13-3)
-I feel like the Saints are primed to make a run for the NFC Championship this year. Drew Brees is going to have an amazing year, and I believe the Saints will take the division and walk away with a 13-3 record. 

*Atlanta Falcons(6-10 or 7-9)
-I can't see the Falcons really being a strong team this year. They have made some good changes, but I still them going 6-10, or 7-9 at very best. 

*Carolina Panthers(10-6)
-Carolina is going to be in the wild card hunt this year. Cam is going to play a top notch season, and the Panthers will finish 2nd in the division. 

On the NFC side, I see nothing but dead bodies. God, that sounded less morose when I thought it up. But, seriously. The NFC South has been on some other shit recently. I do, however, expect the renaissance of Drew Brees, if only for my fantasy football hopes (Apollo, I'm comin' fo' YOU, nigga!!!) for this season. Additionally, the Falcons are the team to beat out of the division for me. They've got a chip on their shoulder. Jameis Wilson will be a player to watch though. Will he deliver on his potential or will he flop harder than JaMarcus Russell?

The NFL season is almost upon us. What are your AFC and NFC South predictions? Let us know below. 



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