DAR Sports: Worst Draft Picks

By Speed on the Beat

Greetings! It's me, it's me. It's Speed on the Beat! DDP reference aside, I'm back to drop some knowledge about shitty draft picks. Ok, let me be more eloquent. True asked me to contribute some of my least-favorite draft picks (in other words, some of the worst, according to yours truly) across the leagues. I'll let you know this much: Sam Bowie isn't on this list.

1) JaMarcus Russell:

You can't have number one without including number two on my list. And for similar reasons. For instance, they both failed to live up to expectations for their California-based teams. They both had a mouth on them and were head cases. They both had/have troubles with prescription medications. Shit, Russell might as well be the black Ryan Leaf. They're like one in the same. If you were to combine both of these fuckheads, you still probably wouldn't have a halfway competent quarterback. Or person, for that mater.

2) Ryan Leaf:

Speaking of Ryan Leaf...
Yeah, I've wondered "what could've been" (shameless plug), but let's be real. He was a fuck-up and a fuck-up of a draft pick, especially considering what the Chargers gave up to get his spazzed-out ass.

3) Akili Smith:

While Akili didn't get involved in drugs, shootouts, or what-the-hell-ever...he still failed. Ironically, he was also the third draft pick overall in his draft. Somehow, he still had a worse career than even Leaf and Russell. So...that's how you know you're fucked.

4) Danny Goodwin:

A throwback. Danny Goodwin was the number one overall MLB draft pick two years. In 1971, he was drafted by the White Sox. And in 1975, he was drafted by the then-California Angels. But, in something close to ten-plus years of professional ball in America and Japan, he flopped and hard. In the MLB, he put up a slash-line of .236/.301/.404 with thirteen homers and 81 RBIs over 200 plus games. Essentially, he put up a craptastically average season...for his career numbers. So, yeah. 

5) Ben McDonald:

If you're an Orioles fan, you'll know why.

6) Freddy Adu:

The number one pick in the 2004 MLB Superdraft, Adu had a load of loft expectations attached to him. He was, essentially, the guy who was supposed to bring U.S. Soccer to the mainstream outside of, y'know, just a World Cup tourney. He failed to match just about every one of them--here and abroad. He's now in the NASL, a second-tier United States soccer league, attempting to resurrect his career.

7) Darko Milicic:

Do I really need to explain this one? Like, come on. At least Sam Bowie had some decent years in the NBA, even if he never matched his "I'm supposed to be better than Jordan" hype. I mean, Milicic kind of sucked in everything he did in the NBA. He even lost a kickboxing match. Milicic is like the anti-Petrovic, because instead of wondering "what could've been," people often wonder "why did Detroit think this was a good idea?"

This is just a sample. I could go on for hours. But, I'll leave you with seven. That's a lucky number of fuck-ups right?


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