Diggin' In The Crates: Just Blaze

By @TrueGodImmortal

The New Jersey producer came on the scene in the late 90s, building up his name with production for mostly New York artists, before working his way to be an in-house producer Roc-A-Fella, where he made his name. As usual, with our "Diggin' In The Crates" articles, we will look at some of his most known beats, along with a few that may have slipped under the radar as well. Let's get into it!

*Killah Priest- Hard Times

-Released on Killah Priest's "Views From Madasa" album, this track was your standard Just Blaze 2000 track with the keyboard accompaniment and drums, but there was a extra umph in this track that elevated it above. Just hadn't got into the soul samples heavy yet, as he was still developing his style.

*Big Pun- Off With His Head

-Released on Pun's Yeeeah Baby album, this was an aggressive track from Just, as Pun and his crew spit some hard rhymes. The fact that Just got to work with Pun is an accomplishment in itself.

*Jay-Z- Dynasty Intro

-Yes. This one. Now, Jay was in his zone here, with some of his dopest rhymes thus far being put to wax over this sick sample from Just and knocking drums. This is iconic.

*Memphis Bleek- They'll Never Play Me

-Just was still finding that signature sound, but his sample ability had grown and his drums had evolved. This beat is sick, featuring some bouncy grooves as Bleek spits some dope lines over this bumping track.

*Beanie Sigel feat Scarface- Mom Praying

-Released on Beanie's second album "The Reason", this track features some lovely soul sampling from Just, setting the tone for the future of the Roc.

*Jay-Z- The Blueprint(Song Cry, Girls, Girls, Girls, U Don't Know)

-The work that Just did on The Blueprint was absolutely amazing, helping to lead the charge for the new soul sample era along with Kanye. His work on these three tracks in particular, are absolutely amazing. Different sounds of soul, BPMs, but all classical.

*Cam'Ron- Oh Boy

-After Cam joined the Roc, it seemed like he was well on his way to bigger things and it all kicked off with this infectious track from Roc-A-Fella album "Come Home With Me".

*Beanie Sigel and Freeway- Roc The Mic

-Just had a hit on his hands with this one. Switching from the soul samples, Just hit hard with this club scorcher as Beans and Free talked their shit.

*Cam'ron feat Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel- The Roc

-I feel like this beat is a definite iconic Just Blaze track, not only because of how dope it was, but because the instrumental was used time and time again for freestyles. One of the all time dopest Just beats, in my opinion.

*The Diplomats- I Really Mean It

-Infectious tracks seemed to be all Just and The Diplomats cranked out, and this was no different. One of my favorite Dipset songs, and a beautiful Major Harris flip by Just.

*Freeway feat Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z- What We Do

-Just has a lot of iconic moments in production and this is without a doubt another one of those. This classic track allows Free, Jay, and Beans to kick their hardest rhymes.

*Jay-Z- Public Service Announcement(Interlude)

-One of Just's biggest tracks, he provided Jay with the beat for what I feel is the hardest song on The Black Album.

*Memphis Bleek featuring Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel- Hypnotic

-Smooth, jazzy, and almost relaxing, Just continued his hot streak with this amazing track for Bleek's "M.A.D.E." album.

*Fabolous- Breathe

-You knew this one would be here. Still Fab's hardest single to date, as he spit some of his toughest verses over a haunting and infectious sample and booming drums.

*Memphis Bleek- Straight Path

-Just kept giving fire to Bleek on his "534" album(have to make a mention of the Jay track "Dear Summer", as that was fire too and also on the album) and this soulful track was another slept on gem.

*The Game feat Nas and Marsha Ambrosius- Why You Hate The Game

-The final song on Game's "Doctors Advocate" album is glorious. The production is lush from the sample to the breakdown to the drum hits. A classic Just Blaze production.

*Rhymefest- Dynomite

-Another underrated gem, this one off of Rhymefest's "Blue Collar" album was complete fire. Just put in work as usual.

*Saigon feat Faith Evans- Clap

-Released on Saigon's "The Greatest Story Never Told" album, this track features a bouncy groove, soulful melody and the beautiful Ms. Evans on the hook.

*Skyzoo- Return Of The Real

-A track from Skyzoo's "The Salvation", this song was a hardbody joint that allowed Sky to spit that shit.

*Jay Electronica- Dear Moleskine

-The soulful knock of this track allowed Jay Elec to kick his high caliber lyricism. A feat he would continue soon after twice.

*Jay Electronica- Exhibit A and Exhibit C

-Two of my favorite Just Blaze beats are here, with Exhibit C likely being a top 3-4 for me. Exhibit C is soulfully simple with that boom bap feel, while Exhibit A is more so piano driven with the boom bap feel, but both are amazing.

*Drake featuring Rick Ross- Lord Knows

-One of the hardest records in Drake's career period, Just provides him and Ross a dope soulful instrumental to spit flames over. And somehow Drake decides to rap about going through a chick's phone. But, the beat is fire.

*Freeway- Early

-Just and Free make great music together and when Freeway released this track, the chemistry was still in tact years later(this dropped around 2012-2013).

Just is one of the greatest producers of the 2000s without a doubt. His legacy continues, and I can't wait to see what fire he brings in the future. JUST BLAZE!!



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