Retrospective: The Best Common Songs

Common is a legendary MC. We looked back at his discography and albums months ago, now we pick his best(or our favorite) songs. Let's get into it...


*The Bitch in Yoo

-We hear Common lose his cool and his afrocentricity and just wreck with Cube. One of the sleeper disses of the East/West beef, "Yoo" kind of just hit in all the right places. It was like "conscious Takeover," for a lack of better words.

*I Used to Love H.E.R.

-This inspired the Cube/Common beef in some ways. But, it's of course worth more than that. It told the story of hip-hop and showcased it as a relationship. We were taken through the highs, the lows, and everything in between.


-Common is kind of the king of storytelling in some ways. I know we wanna say Nas, but "Who Killed It" kinda killed some of Nas' claim on that. This song, though? Wow. Fire beat, dope lines, and a great story and plot twist.

*The Corner

-Any song with the Last Poets gets a vote.

*The Light

-"I'd never call you 'my bitch' or even 'my boo'." A song which plays almost like a continuation of "H.E.R.," it's an amazing song.



-This is by far one of the best intros I've heard in my life. Every time I hear it I feel like I'm in my own Rocky movie haha.

*The Light
-"Some niggas can recognize the light, but they can't handle the glare" C'mon dawg. This song is just one of the best poetic hip hop love songs ever. Too bad there isn't too many songs like this.

*The Bitch in Yoo
-Short story behind this. A few years back when he was into it with Drake, I decided to look into it. And let me tell you: the way he violated Ice Cube in this track is just flat out fucking disrespectful. He woke people up with this though.

*Ghetto Dreams

-Much respect to Common for letting Nas getting one of his best verses in recent years. Nuff said.

*Nag Champa

-This is one of the tracks that makes me get into thinking about what's going on around me. Also helps that it has a soft smooth production too.


*Come Close

-Definitely one of my favorite love songs, ever. Common finessed every second of his verses. It just feels good. Mary J on the hook is dope because she's actually singing really delicately, nothing over the top. This song will probably always make my heart melt, sue me. It's one of those songs where everything he says is something you can either connect to or want to feel.

*The 6th Sense

-Common and DJ Premier made a masterpiece with this one. Like Water For Chocolate is amazing, in general, but this track has always been special to me. Common combined all his powers as far as lyricism goes. The production is A1 and the sample is everything that's good about music. Not to mention, there's a skit at the end that's so ridiculous that it makes me smirk a little.

*8 Minutes To Sunrise 

-This really showcases Common's storytelling abilities. It's somewhere between "conscious", gritty, and in love Common. I guess it's considered a deep cut but it has been on all my Common playlists since the first time I heard it. The production is beautiful and Jill Scott ties it all together so perfectly. The story is crazy as hell but I've loved this song for years.


*Chi City

-A hard hitting track from off BE, this joint was fire. Kanye did his thing on production, Common spit those flames.

*Retrospect for Life

-This song is just all around beautiful. Nothing more needed to describe it.

*Play Your Cards Right

-I wish this was on Finding Forever officially. Bilal kills the hook, Common spits his fire. Classic.

*Rewind That

-A tribute to Dilla, Common spits over a soulful sample and talks about Jay Dee and the bond they had.

*A Song For Assata

-A truly powerful song. Nothing more needs to be said.


*It's Your World(Parts 1 and 2)

-The first time I heard this song, I was amazed. The soulful Dilla beat, the lyrics, Bilal's hook. Everything about this song is flawless. A perfect song. My all time favorite Common track.

*A Film Called Pimp

-A very underrated track off Like Water For Chocolate, this beat is extremely dope, with MC Lyte and Common going back and forth in a storytelling type of track, but what puts it over the top is Bilal yet again with the hook. Classic.


-This track is so melodic and jazzy. Common spits some dope lyrics of course and kicks off his One Day It'll All Make Sense album just right.

*The Hustle

-A personal favorite from his often criticized Electric Circus album. A bouncy, electric track with a smooth hook as Common drops more dope lyrics.


-This track is glorious. Common does his thing as always, Kanye supplies him with a beautifully soulful beat, but the song reaches the apex when John Legend and Bilal(there he is again haha) go off near the end singing. Amazing.

What's your favorite Common songs? Chime in below with your comments!



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