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Retrospective: Best Nate Dogg Guest Appearances

RIP. Nate Dogg is the greatest. Hook after hook, verse after verse, guest appearance after guest appearance, Nate put forth some of the best that we have heard. Today, we gathered up the best Nate Dogg guest appearances and listed them below. It's impossible to include every appearance, but we definitely did him justice. It's about to get soulful and funky.

*Snoop Dogg- Ain't No Fun

-Likely Nate's most iconic verse, he has so many quotables here. He even goes into full harmony mode later on in the verse before passing the mic to Kurupt. Classic.

*2Pac- How Long Will They Mourn Me

-Nate always did good work with Pac, and this was no different. Nate provides a very eerie hook over Pac asking "How Long Will They Mourn Me".

*Warren G- Regulate

*This is definitely in the running as well for Nate's most iconic verse. Nate outshines Warren on this song easily and when speaking of Nate, this song has to be mentioned.

*Tha Dogg Pound- Let's Play House

-Nate proves here that even when he isn't a focal point of the song, he still dominates, as he simply sings "Let's...Play.... House...", but it's so infectious, you can't help but join in.

*2Pac- All About U & Skandalouz

-Once again, Nate's work with Pac was absolutely amazing and the hook on All About U will forever live in infamy. Every other city we go... Every other video....

-Skandalouz is one of my favorite songs from the All Eyez On Me album and Nate once again harmonized his way to yet another classic hook.

*Kurupt, Xzibit and MC Ren- The Hardest

-Nate's smooth style kicks off the track after Kurupt's intro and once again, Nate steals the show. It's almost unfair at this point.

*DJ Quik- Black Mercedes 

-Quik provides a smooth, knocking beat and Nate does exactly what you expect him to and... wait for it... steals the show. Again.

*Mos Def and Pharoahe Monch- Oh No

-Another one of Nate's more famous hooks, he coasts over the beat with a melodic ease, creating another infectious hit.

*Dr. Dre- Xxpolsive & The Next Episode

-You knew this was coming. Reminiscent of his classic "Ain't No Fun" verse, Nate creates an entire quotable verse that once again outshines everybody else on the track. One of his best moments period.

-If his Xxplosive verse wasn't enough, Nate hits hard with a solid bridge near the end of "The Next Episode", which features what is quite possibly his most recited line ever. "Hey, Hey, Hey... Smoke weed everyday...."

*Snoop Dogg- Bitch Please

-Nate and Snoop made some gangsta shit here, as Nate hits heavy with an ending bridge for some of that good ol' West Coast music.

*Eminem- Bitch Please II

-The sequel. On Em's MMLP album, this song features Nate on the hook this go round, warning all opposers once again to not fuck with him.

*Snoop Dogg- Lay Low & Set It Off

-Snoop's Tha Last Meal album had two top notch Nate appearances and "Lay Low" is definitely one of his best. Nate kills the hook as usual.

-Nate over a Timbaland beat? Nate jumps on "Set It Off" and once again outshines everybody. At this point, it should be expected.

*Shade Sheist- Where I Wanna Be

-A summer hit, this song was the epitome of the good vibes of West Coast music and who was there to handle the hook? Nate D-O-double G of course.

*Tha Eastsidaz- Cool

-This song was West Coast melodic heaven, as Nate teams up with Butch Cassidy and Kokane to supply right amount of smooth funk to this bouncy track.

*Fabolous- Can't Deny It

-Fab's first big single featured Nate on the hook and helped jumpstart his mainstream career. Nate on the hook was an instant win.

*Ludacris- Area Codes & Child Of The Night

-Luda and Nate make good music together. The greatest evidence of this is on the huge hit single, which started off on Rush Hour 2 soundtrack. Catchy, infectious, and smooth, the song's success can definitely go to Nate.

-Nate proved a few years later that he still was the GOAT, providing another upper echelon hook for Luda on his Red Light District album.

*Eminem- Till I Collapse

-Why Em never made this his first single I'll never know, but this anthem like track is carried heavily by its booming beat and the infectious yet glorious hook.

*Freeway- All My Life

-Over an amazing instrumental, Nate provides a melodic, sing songy hook that is equal parts infectious and hardcore. Free holds his own on the song, but Nate comes correct.

*50 Cent- 21 Questions

-I am not a huge fan of the song in general but one can't deny how infectious(that word is necessary) the hook and melody is.

*WC- The Streets

-Nate always sounded great over those West Coast instrumentals and this was no different. Another one in the book.

*Westside Connection- Gangsta Nation

-The beat is sinister, the talk is gangsta and the hook is West Coast beauty as Nate once again comes through and delivers a hit, this time to the legendary West Coast trio.

What are some of your favorite Nate Dogg guest appearances? Add on to this list in the comments below.


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