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Retrospective: The Best Sports Video Games

List Compiled via @TrueGodImmortal, @SpeedOnTheBeat, @Tariku__, and @Peagle05

Here at the DAR headquarters, we are avid gamers, and today the top gamers on the site sat down to talk the best sports video games. Excluded from this convo are the wrestling/WWE games(covered those already on www.eyesonthering.com), but we did include boxing games and such. Some games may not make the list that you would choose, but we have attempted to include as many as we can. As always, if we missed one you would choose, put your choice in the comments section below. Let's get into it.

*Tecmo Super Bowl(Chosen By True)

-Kicking off the list with the classics and the gems, this choice is a no-brainer. The first ever game to have licenses with the NFL so they used real players and their real names. A classic.

*Mike Tyson's Punch Out(Chosen By All)

-Another classic, this game is way too iconic not to be featured here. The characters, the matches and more, this has to be featured.

*2Xtreme(Chosen By True)

-Another throwback, this was an extremely fun game that allowed me to do BMX, skateboarding, and snowboarding without ever thinking of doing it in reality.

*Ken Griffey's Major League Baseball(Chosen by True)

-The Super Nintendo version was another classic and absolutely fun. The later versions were cool as well, but nothing compares to this one.

*NBA Jam(Chosen By True)

-He's ON FIRE!!! One of the best sports games ever to me was the arcade like NBA Jam, and I remember the two on two combinations and how much fun this game was.

*Madden 25(Chosen By Speed)

-Now, with regards to Madden 25, you're probably wondering why I'm picking a two year old game over its later iterations. There's just something about being able to pick up a game, play as Sean Taylor and give him the Hall of Fame career he should've had. Additionally, for me, everything in that game just worked better. The AI didn't try to get you off guard and mount a 40 point comeback just to keep the game close or some shit. The User interface is simplistic. And, while I miss hearing rap, rock, and so on in the menus, the soundtrack has that BIG GAME feel to it. Finally, the play-by-play doesn't sound completely canned. That's always a good thing. Also, Torrey Smith is still on the Ravens in Madden 25.

*FIFA 14(Chosen By Speed)

-This is one of my personal favorites. FIFA 14 didn't try to reinvent the wheel, nor did it tear everything down it created all at once.

*MLB 12: The Show(Chosen By Speed)

-MLB 12 was probably the first baseball game SINCE MVP 04 to get baseball as accurate as possible. There were small things that other games--I'm looking at you, MLB 2K series--failed to get right.

*Skate(Chosen By Speed)

-With Skate, you had the formula of a THPS, but updated so you didn't just have to ride around in a skate park. The world was your oyster. All you needed to do was grind it. Sure, we didn't have Tony Hawk in the mix, but the game play and story allowed me personally to forgive that and rank it among one of my favorite video games of all time.

*MVP Baseball 2004(Chosen by Speed)

-MVP 04 has the perfect mix of simulation and arcade-y "55-2" feels. Additionally, the soundtrack for the game was pretty on-point.

*NFL Blitz(Chosen by Peagle)

-NFL Blitz was the first game me and my cousin really played together. It holds a special place to me and had great gameplay and intensity.

*NBA Street Vol. 2(Chosen By Peagle)

-NBA Street Vol. 2 had the gameplay, the best sports game soundtrack ever, and great commentary along with the ability to play as three versions of Jordan.

*NBA Live 98(Chosen by True)

-I remember playing this game faithfully, the 3 point contest to be exact. It was always so much fun. The 3 point contest here was GOAT.

*NFL Street 2(Chosen by Peagle)

-NFL Street 2 was a huge improvement over the first in every way. It's still an all time favorite and I wish we could see a reboot of it.

*Fight Night Round 2(Chosen By Peagle)

-Fight Night Round 2 to me is the best boxing game ever to this day. Some may choose a different Fight Night(and they did), but this is my all time favorite.

*Wii Sports(Chosen by True)

-I know, I know. Wii Sports? You're probably confused. However, when it comes to the entertainment factor, and multiplayer fun, Wii Sports is one of the best sports games ever. It lacks in graphics and mechanics, but I would play this game for hours with family when we all got together.

*NFL Gameday 98(Chosen by True)

-I loved this game. Absolutely loved it. Between this game and NBA Live 98, my weekends were full haha. The Bus on the cover too? Greatness.

*NBA 2K11(Chosen by All)

-The best 2K game in our opinion(Speed also included NBA 2K12) with the GOAT basketball player on the cover. Jordan also had his own mode so you could relive all his greatness. MyCareer was really starting to hit its stride. This was the game that really elevated 2k by making using the generation of systems (PS3/360) to the best of its ability. They began creating really intense games and accurate presentation that we're now looking forward to every year.

*Madden '04(Chosen by Tye)

-Soundtrack is legit, playmaker added to the greatness of the game, endless replay value, having great tournaments against friends, smoother gameplay, introducing players really getting dirty on the field, and a more creative options for an overall enjoyable experience playing a football video game.

*Fight Night Round 4(Chosen By True, Tye and Speed)

-Bringing Mike Tyson into the fold, a deeper roster for dream boxing matches, plus legacy mode really made you go through the trials and triumphs of a fighter. Control mechanics were sharper yet more fluid. This game is the GOAT boxing game.

NFL 2K5(Chosen by All)

-The absolute best. A game so fluid, with extreme longevity, great gameplay, and more advanced than most of the Madden games at the time.

*Tony Hawk Pro Skater(Chosen by Tye)

-Endless freedom. Endless replay value. Dope soundtrack. Graffiti Mode is legendary. First video game I literally played all day. Definitely a gem in sports video games.

We worked to bring to you a list that's as accurate as possible, if you have more choices or feel we forgot one, put them in the comments below.


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