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Retrospective: Dru Hill's Self Titled Album and Enter The Dru

By @TrueGodImmortal

Well, as you can see, today is 90s R&B day on the site. After discussing Jodeci albums, and an upcoming look back at Usher's My Way album, we arrive at one of my favorite R&B groups ever, my fellow Baltimore natives, Dru Hill. Personally being friends with Woody Rock of the group is actually pretty cool for me, but one thing that never gsts old is the group's first two classic albums. Today, we take a look at these albums, not to compare them, but rather to appreciate the greatness of them both.

Dru Hill

1. Anthem
2. Nothing To Prove
3. Tell Me 
4. Do U Believe
5. Whatever U Want
6. Satisfied
7. April Showers
8. All Alone
9. Never Make A Promise
10. So Special
11. In My Bed
12. Love's Train
13. Share My World 
14. 5 Steps

Dru Hill's self titled debut album spawned a number of hits, and catapulted the group to stardom, with precision. The four man collective created a great debut project, with their blended harmony and style. One of my favorite tracks here "All Alone" features Woody, Jazz, Nokio, and Sisqo smoothly harmonizing over the laid back track. The best part of Dru Hill was their harmony and this song is the perfect example of that. "In My Bed", one of the big singles off the album features Sisqo coming to grips with the fact that his lady might be creeping around, and the song is glorious. I remember hearing "Tell Me", the group's debut single and the video(The Box played this so often), especially the simple jump dance step from the video! The song was classic mid 90s R&B, as was the sultry "April Showers", that is perfect for just about any sex playlist. Woody Rock actually dominates the "April Showers" track, setting the tone completely and remaining the main singer the entire song.

Two of my favorite Dru Hill songs are also on this album. "Never Make A Promise" is so smooth and is an all time classic track. The fellas coast over the melodic song, as they do on "5 Steps" as well to close out this great album. The self titled album from Dru Hill is undoubtedly a classic. They would follow up a classic with yet another one.

Enter The Dru

1. Enter The Dru(Interlude)
2. Real Freak
3. How Deep Is Your Love
4. Holding You
5. I'm Wondering
6. You Are Everything
7. I'll Be The One
8. Nowhere Without You(Interlude)
9. One Good Reason
10. Angel(Interlude)
11. Angel
12. What Do I Do With The Love
13. Beauty
14. These Are The Times
15. The Love We Had(Stays On My Mind)
16. What Are We Gonna Do

This album was something special. Their debut was classic and great, but this album was just beyond that. The tracks were all flawless, the interlude fit perfectly and everything aligned on this album. The bouncy feel of the opening track "Real Freak", hints at the direction that Sisqo would take for his solo album in the future, but the song kicks off the album just right. The bouncy feel continued with the "How Deep Is Your Love" single as well, which was featured heavily in Rush Hour also. The slow, almost sensual "I'm Wondering" is another track that can't be missed as well.

Songs such as "You Are Everything", "I'll Be The One", "One Good Reason", and "Angel" are all absolutely amazing, as well as their version of "The Love We Had", but there are two songs on this album that put it above so many albums from the 1990s. Those two songs are "These Are The Times" and one of my all time favorite songs ever, "Beauty". These two songs are all time classics and the true highlight of the album as it nears the end.

Both of these albums are classics and timeless, with tons of hits spawning from each. Dru Hill's legacy was solidified with both of these and will last forever. Revisit these albums and enjoy.


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