Retrospective: The Friday Trilogy

By @TrueGodImmortal

First off, let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of Ice Cube's music work. While his films are definitely hit or miss(Are We There Yet didn't need a sequel... Or a first film for that matter), he created a trilogy that definitely resonated through the urban culture and black cinema. It has been debated about which film is the best(should be easy to guess), and today I wanted to take a look at the films and what they represent. It's Friday, you ain't got no job(well I hope you do), and you ain't got shit to do(I mean, it's a slow weekend), so read this here.


-The directorial debut from F. Gary Gray, written by Cube and starring Chris Tucker, Nia Long, John Witherspoon, Regina King, and more. The premise was simple enough: Craig and Smokey(Cube and Tucker) had to find a way to pay Big Worm(Faizon Love) 200 dollars after Smokey smoked up the weed who should be selling. Craig had lost his job, crackheads were all around, Craig was in pursuit of Debbie(Nia Long), while Smokey just wanted to get high. A highlight of the film comes with Smokey going to meet a blind date out front, before seeing that he's been lied to.

"Talking bout she look like Janet Jackson.... Bitch got out the car, looking more like Freddie Jackson".

There are so many iconic moments, quotes, and characters from this film. The plot is ridiculous, yet relatable, the laughs are non-stop, and the film is a true classic. When talking the trilogy, this is easily the best film to me.

*Next Friday(2000)

-The 2nd film in the trilogy is the 2nd best movie. Next Friday is a lot more outlandish and outrageous than the first film, but it lacks the true chemistry that Craig and Smokey brought. However, being the first film produced by Cubevision, it was monumental in its own right. Introducing mostly new characters played by Mike Epps, Don Curry, Tamala Jones, Lady of Rage, and a few others, the film delivered on the laugh front, as Deebo(Tiny Lester) returns from jail, this time with his little brother in tow, to exact revenge on Craig. The revenge goes all wrong when everything blows up in his face, and the Joker family also have a problem with Craig and Day-Day(Epps).

The movie ends with everything going as planned, no big issues, and things going back to normal. The road to get there features a chase around a car, which ends with a cookie as a peace offering, a dog high off weed brownies, and the debut of Pinky in the series(Clifton Powell). While not as great as the first one, it is still a solid addition to the series.

*Friday After Next(2002)

-The final part of the trilogy, and the worst of the three, centered around Christmas time, still featured laughs throughout. The beautiful K.D. Aubert shines here as Donna, Rickey Smiley carries laughs as the main antagonist, robbing the two men at their home. Bebe Drake plays their landlord, and with the fellas getting robbed, they are short on rent, so she has them watched over by her strange son Damon. The true star of this film however is Katt Williams, in his breakout role as Money Mike. Without Money Mike, this film might have been a disaster, but he provided enough laughs throughout to make it pretty good.

The trilogy stands as one of the most popular black comedy trilogies, with a rumored 4th and final one in the works. Whether or not that materializes remains to be seen. For now, we remember the classics.



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