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Retrospective: The G-Unit Mixtape 3-Peat

By @TrueGodImmortal

Some moments change hip hop instantly. Some moments change it for the better. Some for the worse. When 50 Cent arrived on the scene back in 1998-1999, he made headlines with his controversial "How To Rob" track, setting the foundation for what was to come. 50 soon engaged in a vicious beef with Ja Rule, got shot 9 times, dropped from his label Columbia Records and left with nothing to his name virtually. What 50 still had however, was the will to survive and make music.

Armed with a will to win and a crew, 50 and his crew G-Unit(Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo), began working on a trio of mixtapes that would change the game forever. Today, we look back at the impact these mixtapes had, as well as the quality and songs on them. The first one is quite possibly the best mixtape of all time, and it is certainly one of the most, if not THE most important mixtape of all time.

*50 Cent Is The Future

1. U Should Be Here
2. Bump Dat Street Mix
3. The Banks Workout
4. Whoo Kid/Kay Slay Shit
5. 50 Cent Just Fucking Around
6. G-Unit Soldiers
7. Got Me A Bottle
8. Tony Yayo Explosion
9. Clue/50
10. A Lil Bit of Everything U.T.P.
11. Cutmaster C Shit
12. Call Me
13. 50/Banks
14. Surrounded By Hoes
15. G-Unit That's What's Up
16. Bad News

-This mixtape was the one that truly kicked off the G-Unit reign. I remember being in my neighborhood and hearing someone bump "you should be that bitch that buy me shit all the time", and instantly was intrigued by that song. I searched the bootleg spots in my city and sure enough, someone had it. This is a solid listen from start to finish and likely the most importanr mixtape in history as it cemented Fif and The Unit as the new force in the street, leading him to a deal with Shady/Aftermath/Interscope. The rest is history.

Standout Songs: 50/Banks, G-Unit Soldiers, Bad News, U Should Be Here, The Banks Workout.

*No Mercy, No Fear

1. MTV Intro
2. Green Lantern
3. Elementary
4. Fat Bitch
5. Banks Victory
6. Backseat/Tony Yayo
7. After My Chedda
8. Soldier
9. E.M.S.
10. G-Unit Skit
11. Say What You Say
12. Clue Shit 
13. Funk Flex
14. Whoo Kid
15. Scarlet Skit
16. Part 2/Bump Heads
17. G-Unit/U.T.P.
18. Wanksta
19. Star and Buc Outro

-This was the one. 50 Cent Is The Future was the most important tape because it garnered 50 the record deal, but No Mercy, No Fear was the best of the three without question. From the infectious hooks, the dope remixes, to the aggressive freestyles, this is an iconic mixtape with some of the best G-Unit music on it.

Standout Songs: Elementary, Fat Bitch, Banks Victory, After My Chedda, Soldier. 

*God's Plan

1. Words From Eminem
2. Catch Me In The Hood
3. You're Not Ready
4. Gangsta'd Up
5. If Dead Men Can Talk
6. Banks Workout Part 2
7. Crazy
8. 187 Yayo
9. The World
10. Short Stay
11. Minds Playing Tricks
12. Niggas
13. Tainted
14. Ching Ching Ching
15. Work It(Remix)

-By the time this tape, 50 was right there as the hottest rapper in the game, and he could do no wrong. This tape is the weakest of the three IMO, but it's still a classic and damn near flawless, which would say a lot about the run G-Unit was on here. The song that really got my attention the most on here was oddly enough the remix of the Slum Village hit "Tainted", as 50 really switched the hook up for yet another infectious G-Unit Remix. Another win for the Unit here.

Standout Songs: Tainted, Gangsta'd Up, If Dead Men Could Talk, Banks Workout Part 2, 187 Yayo. 

The beginning of a reign is always dope to watch and hear. This was the true beginning of the G-Unit domination, and what was to come. Their place in hip hop history was solidified. G-G-G-G-G-G-Unit!


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