The Relationship Corner: Monogamy vs Polygamy

Monogamy. The idealistic dream of love, which is seen as a regular relationship and connection between two people. Polygamy. Seen by some as a copout for lack of monogamous behavior, polygamy allows you to have multiple partners, or from its origin, multiple wives/husbands. What works for one might not work for the other. So, with that in mind, we gathered a few people up to discuss monogamy vs polygamy. Read here.

The thought of being with two people just sounds exhausting. How some of you manage to have more than one person will bewilder me. You downright deserve a round of applause just for juggling that much. And I know what you’re thinking, “This lifestyle works for me”. While that may be true, both monogamy and polygamy have their pros and cons. Personally, polygamy seems like it’s filled with troubles, headaches, annoying text messages, screenshots and online slander. However, some people really do make it work. All parties understand that there is more than one person in your life and if they don’t want it, you can walk away. One night, one person may be annoying you and you can easily go off to the other person who is around. But, what if your feelings get too deep and you truly end up liking two people? This is where you get emotionally messed up. More than often, these situations tend to blow up in your face, much like a no strings attached situation. It sounds like a good idea in the beginning but when you put it in retrospect, it’s a shitty idea.

Monogamy is the way to go. Do you think you’ll have two people tending to your needs when you’re in your 60s using a walker? Think about longevity instead of the moment.

I'm not so sure that monogamy is the way to go. At all. I mean, sure America has preached to us for years that a one on one relationship with marriage as the end goal is the standard, but... just what if there were alternatives to that? Who said you HAD to be limited to one person? Most monogamous relationships end with cheating, so imagine if you could live a Poly lifestyle with the person you want to spend more of your time with, while still having sex and other relationships outside of that and the person understands, and maybe does the same thing themselves.

For me, in single life, I always date multiple women and have no issue doing so. I personally don't mind monogamy, as I couldn't see myself even wanting a serious relationship where we fuck other people. Well, to be completely unfair about this, I would not be cool with her being free to do so, and I would hope she wouldn't be either. There lies my only issue with polygamy: if I was to get into a relationship, it would be because I really liked this woman and wouldn't want to be with anyone else other than her. So, if J felt the need to have multiple women, I could just stay single and do that. Polygamy, in the traditional form, is just having multiple spouses, and I can't see myself wanting to put up with multiple girlfriends or wives because of the expectations that come with that. An occasional threesome with my wife and another woman? Perhaps. I mean, that's just exploring a sexual desire with the person you love, but to be a swinger or in a truly polygamous situation is probably not for me. I like the variety in single life, not getting emotionally attached and such, so instead of entering into multiple relationships, I would stay single and just have fun that way.

However, if I can step out my personal opinion just for a second, I see the beauty in polygamy for some. You don't necessarily have to resist temptation, you get emotionally invested and sexually invested into multiple people, build up bonds and connections with them, etc. It is very appealing on the surface. Polygamy is a bit more free than monogamy and I can respect that without a doubt.

My opinion on Polygamy would be that I'm a firm believer in it, if everyone involved does in fact love each other. I dont think there is a limit to how many people you are allowed to love. Being a woman, I entertain the thought of being in a relationship with two men, although its looked down upon by society vs a man being in a relationship with two women. So although it's a fantasy, I wouldn't put the idea into action because most men are very possessive when it comes to having a girlfriend or wife.

I never quite understood the point of polygamy. You're sharing your partner with other people basically, and to me, that can really make the bond you and your original partner built deteriorate. All 3 of the different forms will never make sense to me, even group marriage. It just doesn't sit well with me. Marriage should be between two parties and two parties only. Why on earth would you marry multiple people? It just takes away the all the love and time you built with someone away in my opinion. Just a complete waste of time and emotions, unless you're the kind of person who doesn't like being attached to one person or nobody at all. I really think polygamy defeats the true purpose of marriage. Marriage is really supposed to be a once in a lifetime experience and I think polygamy kills that.

Well, there is no right or wrong answers here, just perspective and personal opinion. There are plenty of people living a polygamous lifestyle and in open relationships who seem to be happy, while many are in monogamous relationships and unhappy. There is also the vice versa, so who's to say which is the way to go? What do you think? Join in the topic and conversation with us below in the comments.



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