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The Underrated: Big Boy Records

By @BigBallinAXEL

What's up, what's happening once again, this is Black AX back for The Underrated series. Today, we're highlighting one of the 1st hip hop labels in New Orleans called Big Boy Records. This label started in 1993 and was extremely talented, but due to money issues, their feud with Cash Money, and the death of one of their star artists, Big Boy Records never got its full credit or just due. Both Mystikal and Fiend got their start at Big Boy Records in 1995 and seemed like the only guys to have any type of mainstream success after their departure, but this roster was loaded and here I'm going to discuss the various artists and my favorite tracks from them.

1. Black Menace- Faces of Death ft. Fiend

-First off, Drama Time is a criminally slept on album with so many topics on there, check it out when yall get a chance. Secondly this hook from Fiend hits close to home "Lord help me get my people straight cuz every wake I attend/ has me fired up with sin/ lost a brother and a friend its the end/ another black man at an early age/ Stray bullet hit em he'll never see the 8th grade/". J Dawg obliterated the opening 2 verses as well.

2. G Slimm- Mama Pray for Me

-G Slimm is a rapper who had the potential to be legendary, but he got murdered in 1997 right before he was slated to sign a deal with a major. The whole Fours, Deuces, and Trays album is a personal classic to me, but this song in particular was probably the best on the album. This was someone who has done dirt, but he was venting through his music and was legit concerned about how his actions were affecting his mother. Great song and a talented artist gone too soon.

3. Fiend- I Wont be Denied

-Worst album cover, but on this title track, Fiend reminisces about his upbringing between his father kicking him and his family out on the streets, the death of his brother and the outcome and persevering through tough times to have a strong music career.

4. Tim Smooth ft. J Dawg- Hy-dro

-While Tim Smooth (RIP) wasnt outright signed to Big Boy Records, he mentored and co-wrote Mind of Mystikal and was a featured artist on almost every Big Boy project. Smooth had lyrics and a natural charisma with his delivery which makes me wonder why he wasn't a bigger star. "A lot of niggaz like to front like they real, stunt like they real, but they real when it's feasible/, Believe you know I might be unreasonable/ but ima tell you what you need to know/".

5. Insane ft. J-Dawg & Tim Smooth- If You Want It

-With this relaxed beat (S/O to DJ Precise, he dabbled into multiple sounds) you wouldn't expect 4 animated verses, but Tim Smooth set the tone, Insane had 2 solid verses and J Dawg went in on the 3rd verse.

6. G Slimm- Niggaz Claim

-Man the hook alone is still relevant til this day: "Niggaz claim they got so much love, but it seems like love is stale/ If jealousy was a felony a lot of niggas would be sittin their ass in jail/". This song is a perfect tutorial about scoping shady niggas in general. Another great song from G Slimm.

7. Black Menace- Az Real Az They Come ft. G Slimm & Insane

-This beat is so infectious initially you wouldn't expect the song to be about murder, but it just rides so smooth. G Slimm was the star of this track IMO, but everyone delivered quality verses.

8. Ghetto Twinz ft G Slimm- Lets Get This Shit Straight

-Unconventional aggressive deliveries from 2 females talkin bout whoopin your ass and shooting you, then G Slimm ended the song perfectly. Damn shame they didnt have a market because there was definitely talent with these two.

9. Partners-N-Crime- Let The Good Times Roll

-This album came out during a hostile time in New Orleans (1994) where the crime rate was through the roof. With a harmonizing style, the group ponders what happened to simpler times before weapons took over and ravaged the area. Overall a feel good song for sure.

Talent wise, I believe Big Boy Records was on par with Cash Money and No Limit, but poor management really destroyed a potential legendary record label. A lot of "what ifs" could be asked with Big Boy Records, but at least they had a moment in 1995 where they got their recognition (mainly because of Mind of Mystikal going gold). Hopefully after the songs above are listened to people feel the same way about Big Boy Records that I do, that they are underrated and had a lot of untapped potential.


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