The Underrated: Juvenile- Tha G Code

By @TrueGodImmortal

1. Big Tymer Intro
2. U Understand
3. Fuck That Nigga 
4. A Million And One Things
5. Take Them 5
6. G-Code
7. Something Got 2 Shake
8. Da Magnolia
9. Catch Your Cut
10. Lil Boyz
11. Get It Right
12. Never Had Shit
13. I Got That Fire
14. Tha Man
15. March Nigga Step
16. Guerrilla

Juvenile's 400 Degreez album catapulted him into superstardom and elevated Cash Money to newer heights and got hailed as a classic. It is. However, it is not Juve's best album. To me, Juve's best album is "Tha G-Code", and the album is a classic as well. Released just a little over a year after 400 Degreez, some have argued that Tha G Code's release was a bit rushed and I can totally understand that point, but that takes nothing away from the greatness of the album. The opening sound of "U Understand" with an almost murderous beat, sets it off perfectly, in the same cadence as his first breakthrough hit "Ha".

The Hot Boys make appearances on the album, but the only song to feature all four is "A Million And One Things", a song with a message to get up off your ass and work for the things you want. Juve's verse is particularly hilarious, a mix of ironic comedy and reality rap, which sums up the song in general. Juve discusses the concept of a plea deal on the following song "Take Them 5", speaking on his situation and how taking a 5 year sentence is a lot easier than going to trial and getting longer sentences.

The title track features Wayne and Juve spitting some of their best over a sinister Mannie Fresh production. The middle of the album has nothing but fire tracks throughout, and we soon arrive at a string of tracks with multiple features in "Lil Boyz", "Get It Right", and "Never Had Shit", all of which are basically anthems. Out of these three, "Get It Right" is my favorite and one of my favorite songs period on the album as Wayne kills the infectious hook.

The 2nd single of the album "I Got That Fire" features Juve and Fresh kicking hilarious verses over a catchy hook and another bouncy beat, adding another fun element to the album, which is a bit darker than one might expect. "Tha Man" is my second favorite track on yhe album, as Juve spits some of best verses on here and the classic line in the hook, "I ain't the smartest muthafucka walking... But I can tell a fake muthafucka when he talking...", which is extremely dope.

"March Nigga Step" seems like it was meant for the New Orleans clubs and to get the bounce energy up ever higher, and it certain does. However, the best song on the album arrives with the final track "Guerrilla" over one of the dopest Mannie Fresh tracks ever, with Juve and B.G. spitting the hardest shit heard on the album over the sinister and militant production. The song is a top 5 Juve song for me.

When it's all said and done, Tha G Code is a classic album that doesn't get mentioned enough in comparison to 400 Degreez. It deserves more recognition for sure.



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