The Underrated: Usher- My Way

By @TrueGodImmortal

1. You Make Me Wanna
2. Just Like Me
3. Nice & Slow
4. Slow Jam
5. My Way
6. Come Back
7. I Will
8. Bedtime
9. One Day
10. You Make Me Wanna(Extended Version)

Good ol' 90s R&B. As I spoke about before in the 90s R&B songs article, we would cover more music and albums from this legendary decade and what better place to continue the talk of 90s R&B than with one of the best albums from the decade, Usher's My Way. I know what you're thinking, how is My Way underrated? It sold millions of copies, catapulted Usher to stardom, and made him a huge name in R&B. However, when referencing Usher's legacy, I hear so much talk of Confessions and 8701 more than anything now. It is almost like My Way is slept on with the change of the generation. From the sounds of the first single "You Make Me Wanna", which was huge throughout the clubs and radio when it first dropped, to the seductive, slow paced "Nice & Slow", My Way has a great balance of upbeat jams and smooth R&B.

Lil Kim has a guest appearance on the bouncy "Just Like Me", which features that ever familiar 90s groove in the production, with a nice infectious hook. Of course, "Nice & Slow" is an all time slow jam classic, with the catchy lyrics being known in full by just about any fan of Usher and 90s R&B as well. Monica and Usher combine to put their spin on the classic "Slow Jam", a song that is great regardless of who covers it and both Usher and Monica do the song justice. The title track, full of bravado, is another classic. The song is almost defiant in essence, but still possesses the R&B smooth flare to pull it off correct. Usher was rapping on this album here and there, with honestly mixed results, but it was entertaining.

The slow, laid back "I Will" is another classic track, and belongs on anybody's slow jam playlist. As the album nears the end, Usher hits with yet another slow jam and one of my favorite tracks on this whole album, "Bedtime". The song embodies what greatness in 90s R&B was all about and is a perfect way to wind the album down.

The final track, "One Day You'll Be Mine", samples The Isleys and has a truly nice groove to it, as Usher creates yet another infectious track to finish a great and short classic album. There is an extended version of You Make Me Wanna at the end of the album as well, as sort of a bonus too. All in all, this is my second favorite Usher album, behind Confessions and is truly a classic. When Usher's legacy is looked back on, this is where it really kicked off(his self titled 1994 album didn't connect nearly as much as this one). 7 million copies sold in the U.S., along with a jump to superstardom, My Way is a classic.



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