A Place Called Twitter: Has Feminism Ruined It?

Welcome to a new column here on the site titled "A Place Called Twitter". With Twitter having 300 million users and growing daily, it has become the most popular social network overall and rules the land in essence. Because of Twitter, TV shows now have to place hashtags on the bottom of the screen to engage the audience, the Black Lives Matter movement started to gain traction because of the app, etc.... The point is that Twitter has become quite the entity. Twitter even has subgenres of itself, such as Black Twitter(which at one point was the soul of Twitter and creating topics, but has slowed down a bit), Shea Butter Twitter(exaggerated term for the group of women mostly with natural hair and pride in themselves to an extent), and of course Feminist Twitter. Feminist Twitter has sparked a conversation or two, while ruining many other conversations in the process. Feminist Twitter has attempted to take the fun out of the app in the minds of some. We gathered up some folks today to discuss this and see what everyone had to say.

Man. I remember a time where Twitter used to be really fun. Everybody could truly be themselves on the app without being policed for what they posted or how they felt about certain topics and issues. Then an evil, annoying, contradicting, and bitter group of people called "Twitter feminists" entered the scene. Whether female or male (mostly gay or transgender), their tyranny over the app is shown through a constant need to make things deeper than what they already are. They can't take jokes for nothing. Always thinking they're attacked by society or black men via Twitter. I support the real feminists. The ones who are actually out there in the world fighting for their rights instead of staying behind a smartphone keyboard with their Twitter fingers of doom! All of a sudden, we couldn't call women "females", couldn't get mad if our woman wanted to post naked on the internet, and I recall one time they wanted me raped by TRANSGENDERS! Its like you can't have certain views without being attacked by a bunch of people hiding behind cartoon avis. I'm not gonna say feminism hasn't ruined Twitter, but it makes it very annoying at times. One joke and your mentions are Armageddon with people who love to over analyze. I knew I wasn't the only one with an opinion so I asked a few other friends from Twitter. Here's their viewpoint.

Bodyposi, and "freethenipple" stuff. Like bro, some women on Twitter use it to get their nudes off, let's be real here. Like once or twice is cool you know, I understand if men don't have to walk around with shirts on and it not be sexual, why can't women? I get that no doubt, but once you repeatedly post your tits on the TL, I know you just want attention.

It's not true feminism. It's some section of it titled "Crazy and Annoying Motherfuckers". I know true feminists and the females (I'm sorry.. Women) on here just want to complain, drop nudes for attention (using self-love and body positive as support), talk down on men and then other women that don't agree with their views. They don't care about the true issues. They just want to have a group in their bio to feel important. They just want to argue. They just want everything to be about them and try to twist something simple into an argument. Even I, a women, have had tweets twisted and blown out of context/proportion just to have a group of women that supposed to support one another, call me ugly/fat/stupid. I feel that it has ruined Twitter... but with help from other sensitive groups.

No. I think twitter has ruined feminism. Feminism is actually something I support. Women do deserve liberation and equality, but most of the women on twitter either turn everything into a form of oppression or they are fighting for a cause and don't fully understand why. That's the reason people say feminism is ruining twitter, because these women might feel strongly about what they're fighting for but they aren't fighting for the right things in the right way.

Honestly I think a lot of people weren't expecting to get on Twitter and see such a lack of a conscience from others, and so it may not even be people are extremely sensitive, it's just they still expect people to have some type of morals. For the most part we joke about anything and everything all the time. In the case of the feminist though, as they can be really sensitive, they can also be hypocritical and I don't think Twitter is the platform that you want to use to always be serious, so that would be one of the aspects I guess that has ruined the fun of it. However, some people didn't come on here for fun I'd say in their defense, but that's it though so to answer your question, yes.

I think it has in a way. I think it has helped bring more awareness to Twitter, but just kind of took the fun out of things (from what I've noticed). I mean I just feel like it's gotten to the point where I've seen people "attacked" for their opinions (no matter how they may come off) and I wouldn't think that is how feminists would like to be represented.

Feminism is a political movement that believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes, but what it's turned into is a mess. I consider myself a feminist by definition, but I have a hard time looking at certain feminists on Twitter. I feel like it's turned into a cult and that if you don't believe in one aspect of feminism, you are attacked or "dragged" through the mud. Twitter is a great platform to discuss topics like these but it makes it almost impossible to learn when if you say something that isn't "politically correct" your mentions will be destroyed by a bunch of septum pierced, coconut oil loving hoes. The movement is filled with contradictions and biased based on whoever is the most popular "Twitter feminist" at the time. I don't think feminism ruined Twitter, but that Twitter ruined feminism.

Personally, I think it works both ways. Twitter feminists aren't even true feminists at least by definiton anyway. I support equality and believe that women should be paid equally, and I want to see them prosper in every way they can. However, divisive attacks against people who share a different point of view do not equal feminism. Feminism on Twitter in some way is a whiny "Do what I want and don't ask questions" group of individuals who feel beyond entitled yet claim suppression and oppression. It doesn't work that way. True oppression has existed for FEMALES for centuries and I can say that we have seen some work done to help fix that to an extent. However, one does not truly accomplish anything with being abrasive, attacking men, and not acknowledging that women can be wrong sometimes as well. If you truly believe in equality, then there has to be a balance right? Instead, we get a lot of extremes. I think Twitter has ruined the overall perception of feminism to an extent, but feminism could never ruin Twitter for me personally. I just block or mute them and keep scrolling.

What is your opinion on the matter? Leave us your comments below.



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