DAR Roundtable: The Game's The Documentary vs Doctor's Advocate

The Documentary

1. Intro to The Documentary
2. Westside Story
3. Dreams
4. Hate It Or Love It
5. Higher
6. How We Do
7. Don't Need Your Love
8. Church For Thugs
9. Put You On The Game
10. Start From Scratch
11. The Documentary
12. Runnin'
13. No More Fun and Games
14. We Ain't
15. Where I'm From
16. Special
17. Don't Worry
18. Like Father, Like Son


Doctor's Advocate

1. Lookin At You
2. Da Shit
3. It's Okay(One Blood)
4. Compton
5. Remedy
6. Let's Ride
7. Too Much
8. Wouldn't Get Far
9. Scream On Em
10. One Night
11. Doctor's Advocate
12. Ol' English
13. California Vacation
14. Bang
15. Around The World
16. Why You Hate The Game

I have never been a big Game fan, but while most also go to The Documentary, I think truthfully Doctor's Advocate is the better album. It doesn't sound like a 50 Cent album or a 50 Cent led album, it sounds like The Game. Well Dr. Dre mixed with The Game, but there is more of Game personally in that album than The Documentary honestly.

I'm kind of split on the decision. Same artist, but two different styles of albums. Documentary had Dre's influence while Advocate had influences that didn't involve Dre but included notable names like Kanye and Hi-Tek. Game wanted to expand his sound on Advocate and I don't blame him. You have to be willing to grow as an artist. Both albums have their signature cuts. What I think separates them is one album is more introspective while the other is more about "making good music." I think Documentary is more of a rap classic than Advocate. Both are respected in the rap game, but there's no denying the absence of Dre from Advocate kind of messed up the album's focused nature that was present on Documentary. I will also say Game has more memorable tracks like Dreams,  memorable verses like off Runnin', and cool styles of flow like his drunken flow on Start From Scratch. So yeah, I'll go with Documentary.

The Documentary vs Doctors Advocate. Two great albums by The Game. Both have special places in my heart, as The Documentary was one of the first hip hop albums I've ever listened to, and Doctors Advocate, my personal favorite of Game's discography. It was a tough choice, but I'd have to go with Doctors Advocate. Doctor's Advocate first off, had great production, if not better than The Docementury's production. It had more west coast sound than The Docementury, despite not having any Dr. Dre production on the album. The Game showed he improved lyrically, and can still put out bangers without Dr. Dre, Eminem, and 50 Cent. Overall, Doctors Advocate was just a better album.

This is genuinely a hard one. Both are classic albums to me, but with different feels, however The Documentary in my opinion blows Doctor's Advocate out the water with classic songs like "Westside Story" which Game is spitting straight fucking bars, followed up by "Dreams", which is another song that gets bumped in cars today.  Then you have "Hate It or Love It",  "Higher", "How We Do", etc... all in all, The Documentary still has replay value now way more than Doctor's Advocate ever did. Now, I'm not knocking that album because although the quality in lyrics and beats on The Documentary are far more impressive to me, I still have "Doctor's Advocate" is probably in my top 5 favorite Game songs as he spilled his soul on that song. Not to mention, his collab with Kanye on "Wouldnt Get Far" was phenomenal and still a relevant song with the chickenheads to this day. "Ol English" is another amazing song, one of my favorites and "One Blood" was a historic moment in rap. That song is fire, but those are the only songs I still bump off Doctor's Advocate to this day, but I could likely listen to the album with no skips, no doubt. But I'd prefer listening to the Documentary on a regular sunny day while drinking some OE with the homies on the front porch.

I can't lie, I am not the biggest Game fan, especially since he seemed to change and mimic whoever he is on the song with now, but his first two albums are both great to me. I loved The Documentary upon release, however there are a few songs I skip on the album overall. There were some classics on The Documentary, but overall I have to say that Doctor's Advocate got more play overall from me, despite me not wanting to listen to it at first. I was a G-Unit fan, so I wasn't expecting too much from Game on Doctor's Advocate and yet I was pleasantly surprised. "Wouldn't Get Far", "Too Much", "One Blood","Da Shit", "One Night", the title track, "Ol English", "Around The World" helped seal the deal for me, but the final song "Why You Hate The Game" is absolutely my favorite Game song ever. Doctor's Advocate for me.

What about you? What would you be your choice? Let us know in the comments below.



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