DAR Roundtable: Lloyd Banks' The Hunger For More vs Young Buck's Straight Outta Cashville

The Hunger For More 

1. Ain't No Click
2. Playboy
3. Warrior
4. On Fire
5. I Get High
6. I'm So Fly
7. Work Magic
8. If You So Gangsta
9. Warrior Part 2
10. Karma
11. When The Chips Are Down
12. Til The End 
13. Die One Day 
14. South Side Story


Straight Outta Cashville

1. I'm A Soldier
2. Do It Like Me
3. Let Me In
4. Look At Me Now
5. Welcome To The South
6. Prices On My Head
7. Bonafide Hustler
8. Shorty Wanna Ride
9. Bang Bang
10. Thou Shall
11. Black Gloves
12. Stomp
13. Taking Hits
14. Walk With Me

In 2003, G-Unit began a reign of dominance. By 2004, they were gearing up for solo albums by members Young Buck and Lloyd. Banks. Today, we discuss those albums and which is better. Let's get into it!

I have to say Hunger For More. While Straight Outta Cashville speaks more on a lyrical/deeper meaning level, HFM speaks to me more on a "I remember trying to get by, level. Even if I wasn't always ducking bullets, I could relate more to what Lloyd presented. Also, the joint with Avant...yeah. 2003-2005 was a good era for thuggish simp rap. I will have to go with Bucks on this one.

First of all, I definitely respect Banks. I'm not a huge fan of the brother, but I respect his work ethic and voice. With that said, I think Young Buck made a better debut album. Buck was always a standout to me in G-Unit. Someone who was able to give the crew that raw energy and rough in your face rhymes. I believe Straight Outta Cashville is a classic. With classic bangers like "Let Me In" to the underrated track "STOMP". Buck showcased that hunger that I always expect from a rapper for their debut. Buck really crafted a cold and calculated yet trademark "head bussa" southern sounding album that I really loved more than an East coast album from Banks, which is sort of rare for me. Of course, 50 had a heavy presence as he always did, being the P. Diddy of G-Unit, but 50 and Buck always meshed well to me more than 50 and Banks ever could. I think Hunger For More was just uninspired for some reason. Straight Outta Cashville also dropped at a time where I was definitely beginning to love southern rap more and more. Right place, right time for me as a fan.

With The Hunger For More, Lloyd Banks gives us a decent album here. Pretty good hooks here and great production. Lloyd's versatility is shown on songs like "Karma" and "Ain't No Click". Banks as a lyricist sounds like a mini 50, but still brings his own style to it. "Til The End" is probably the best Banks track on this work production wise and lyricism wise.

Straight Outta Cashville is great. Out of G-Unit, Banks is the more accomplished emcee, but I'd have to give it Young Buck on this one. In my opinion, Straight Outta Cashville is one of the best if not the best release out of G-Unit. There's only one bad Tony Yayo verse on the Cashville joint. Buck holds down the album on the holy trinity: bitches, blunts and bullets. Songs like "Let Me In" and "Shorty Wanna Ride" complete this album. Arguments will be made its another stereotypical G-Unit album, but this album can hold itself. Being a Banks fan it's a tough choice to choose between these, but I'm going for Cashville.

Young Buck and Lloyd Banks both dropped memorable projects in the summer of 2004 and maybe it's the southern girl in me but, I'll always prefer Young Buck's Straight Outta Cashville.

Even though the singles from Straight Outta Cashville were well produced and a lot of fun, they didn't showcase much lyricism, but the whole album is very cohesive and well put together. "Look At Me Now" is still dope and "Welcome to the South" should have got more play but, hey. The second half of the album is something you should revisit. "Prices on My Head", "Bonafide Hustler", "Thou Shall" and "Walk With Me" are all great examples of how well Buck can actually rap. Granted, it's mostly him talking hot shit about what he has and who he will kill if necessary, but I've always been here for it coming from him. It sounds great and today reminded me that the playback value is high.

As for The Hunger for More, the music is catchy, for lack of a better term and the features are better. I would contribute more of its appeal to G-Unit. Not to take away from what Banks did lyrically, but the album doesn't convey much personality from him, directly. Production on the album was always more impressive than the lyricism. The best way I can put it is that, in sound, G-Unit and 50 Cent contributed to Buck's album, but they took over Banks'. Aside from "I Get High" and "SouthSide Story", everything has always felt the same to me: very repetitive. Not just in content (I know Buck's content isn't too varied either), but the actual sound of the tracks is way too similar. The singles were the best parts. "I'm So Fly" still makes me dance a little and "Karma" is dope but, eh. Plus, I hate "Playboy" enough to make me completely avoid the album, sue me.

Can Banks rap better? Maybe. But I'd still rather listen to Buck.

I can't really decide on either album because I feel like they're both equal in terms of quality. But if I had to pick, it'll definitely be Straight Outta Cashville. This is because I've always felt like Young Buck was the most entertaining rapper out of everyone in G-Unit besides 50 Cent. This is due to my personal favorite cuts which are Bonafide Hustler, Walk With Me, and the underrated classic Stomp. Hunger For More is a pretty good album, but it sort of bored me out. So Cashville is the better album to me due to energy.

I would have to say hands down that Buck made a better album. Banks album felt somewhat generic and in the mold of 50's albums versus his own style, while Buck brought that southern style and aggression to the table. I always lean towards Buck, because he showed just a bit more versatility on the album than Banks did with his. There are quite a few tracks that I skip on HFM, but I definitely think that Buck's album has very few skips at all and could be considered a classic. Cashville all the way for me.

What about you? What do you guys think? Join the conversation below.



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