DAR Roundtable: R. Kelly's 12 Play vs TP-2.com

12 Play

1. Your Body's Callin'
2. Bump n' Grind
3. Homie Lover Friend
4. It Seems Like You're Ready
5. Freak Dat Body
6. I Like The Crotch On You
7. Summer Bunnies
8. For You
9. Back To The Hood Of Things 
10. Sadie
11. Sex Me Pt 1 and 2
12. 12 Play



1. TP-2
2. Strip For You
3. R&B Thug
4. The Greatest Sex
5. I Don't Mean It
6. Just Like That
7. Like A Real Freak
8. Fiesta
9. Don't You Say No
10. The Real R. Kelly(Interlude)
11. One Me
12. I Wish
13. A Woman's Threat
14. I Decided
15. I Mean(I Don't Mean It)
16. I Wish Remix(To The Homies That We Lost)
17. All I Really Want
18. Feelin On Yo Booty
19. The Storm Is Over Now

R. Kelly is one of the greatest R&B artists ever. He arrived in the game with Public Announcement, before venturing off to his debut solo album "12 Play" in 1993. As his career continued, he would make a sequel to the album, the aptly titled "TP-2.com" in 2000. Today, we compare both albums and see which album is actually better. Let's go!

12 Play is the classic. TP-2.com tried to continue the epicness of its predecessor. It couldn't. There aren't many songs on TP-2.com that we're still, like, singing word for word today. Maybe "I Wish." But 12 Play? Top to bottom classic.

This is a legit tough one, but I gotta give it to TP-2.com. 12 Play is an undisputed classic and it definitely paved the way for much of the R&B today, for better or worse, but I feel like TP-2 is insultingly underrated. This album definitely gave us timeless hits like "Fiesta", "A Woman's Threat", "R&B Thug",  "Feelin on Yo Booty", and "I Wish" to name a few. And must I mention that "Fiesta" still gets the parties live to this day? All of these songs in a way define the person that I am today. Then, who else you could put a gospel song at the end of an album that's filled with mostly sex? No one but the god R. Kelly. I personally grew up on this album and it was a big part of my childhood, so this is an album that I'll definitely keep close to my heart. Again, I say 12 Play is a perfect album, but TP-2.com is it for me.

12 Play. Definitely. TP-2 has some HEAT, don't get me wrong like "The Greatest Sex", but those tracks can't possibly be more legendary than "Bump n' Grind". That beginning run where Kelly sings "MY MIND IS TELLING ME NO!..." is more greatness than any track on TP-2. 12 Play also had a better balance of love making tracks and street rap tracks that the sequel lacked. The tribute to his mother is a more emotionally impactful song than a emotionally charged track like "I Wish" in my opinion. The ballad "For You" is a gem track off 12 Play. One thing I'll say TP-2 has over 12 Play is more mastered production compared to the basement production style of its predecessor. 12 Play just has that classic feel that I don't think TP-2 will ever reach.

Coming from somebody who is obsessed with R. Kelly, it's tough to kind of choose one album. In 12 Play, you have so many songs that babies probably were made to. The all time classic, "Bump n' Grind", came out of this album and I'm pretty sure you're humming it now. I think this album is a little more on the R&B side of things because of how much he keeps referencing the human body. The songs on this album can easily apply to both sexes as well, meaning that a girl can also dedicate these songs to a guy.

In TP-2, I think this is R. Kelly unleashed. He wants to make sure that you know how much he wants you, but then at the same time, he addressed a few social and personal issues with his song, I Wish.

When it comes down to it, I think I'll choose 12 Play over TP-2, just because of how sensual 12 Play is.

For me personally, I think it's very easy. 12 Play is the original. TP-2 was a good album, but had a good amount of filler. While there were plenty of classics on TP-2 and "Feelin On Yo Booty" is one of my favorite R. Kelly songs, 12 Play has way too many classics to even truly compare. "It Seems Like You're Ready", "Sex Me, "Your Body's Callin", and more are too strong to overcome for any album damn near. 12 Play all the way for me.

What do you think?? Tell us below in the comments? What album did you choose?



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