DAR Roundtable: Who Is The Better MC: Big Pun vs Big L

Big Pun


Big L

Hip hop at its finest hour is about lyricism, delivery and flow. Being an MC is part of an art form that requires genius. There are many who get to shine in the spotlight because of their legendary style, crafting a long lasting legacy. For Big Pun and Big L, both of their careers were cut short because of their untimely deaths in 1999 and 2000. Both had arguably dropped a classic album before they passed away, were upper echelon lyricists, yet seemed to be slept on. Both had a different style with various layers, so today, we wanted to sit down and compare the two MCs and see who is better. Let's get into it.

Big L & Big Pun are two of my favorite rap artists of all time. Both were very underrated & underappreciated. Captial Punishment & Livestylez Ov Da Po & Dangerouz are two of the greatest albums of all time IMO. But, since I have to choose, and it's a really tough choice, I'm going to have to go with Pun. Big Pun was more versatile. His delivery was phenomenal, was a lyrical monster, and had great wordplay. Tracks like "Twinz ( Deep Cover 98)" & "Super Lyrical" prove how great Big Pun was. Big L created some of the greatest hip hop songs to ever exist in my opinion, with tracks like "Put It On" & "No Endz, No Skinz". In my opinion, he also is the king of punchlines, not Fabolous. Even though I enjoyed Big L's 2 albums more than Big Pun's 2 albums, Big Pun wins this, but barely.

Capital Punishment. Definitely an album that made me love rap. The rapid fire flow kept me engaged. Big L had a flow that kept me engaged, but I felt that Pun was a better wordsmith. Pun had an unmatched flow, and to me Capital Punishment is more of a classic. It had this feel to it. This raw, intense, hood spectacle of sorts that really kept my interest.

I prefer Big L personally. Not to take anything away from Pun, but Big L resonated with me more and I could memorize the lyrics to "MVP" as a child, making this decision slightly easier due to that. Both are amazing MCs, but I would have to go with Big L here. He was lyrically a master at this rap shit. Point blank period.

This is damn near a draw to me. Big L is likely one of the most underrated rappers ever, while Big Pun never truly got the full credit for his lyricism and wordplay. Pun impressed me a lot with his flow, as any man who has breath control like that at his weight deserved all the credit in the world. Big L was an amazing lyricist and punchline king, but if I had to choose, I would have to lean towards Pun. Pun was the better overall MC and he was slightly more versatile.

Who would you pick? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Big pun all the way. Big l was good though

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