DAR Sports: NFL Week 2 Preview

The NFL season finally kicked off and as you saw during the preseason, we kept you guys updated with our division predictions. This week, after giving our week 1 recap, we brought the boys back to provide us with a full rundown of week 2, all the games and their predictions. Let's get started.

Ah. Here we are. Week two of the NFL season. As mentioned in the week one review, you should expect the unexpected. It's a clichéd approach but it's true. However, there are certain things that have come to be undisputed truths.

For instance, the Ravens, even with a limp, have one of the best defenses in the league. It's the Ravens way. You combine that with a Joe Flacco who has something to prove and a subpar Raiders team...yep. Ish is about to go down.

Another undisputed truth is that Father Time waits for no one, unless you've made a pact with the football devils ::cough::HWSBHFC::cough::. Peyton Manning will still probably compensate for this, but I'm starting to doubt his ability to be OG Peyton, at least all the time these days. He looks downright...human.

Lastly, another undisputed truth is that you must expect the unexpected. I don't think I can say that enough times, especially since it plays into some of my predictions for week two.

Bills win against the Pats 35-31
Ravens win against Raiders 28-7
Browns upset the Titans 28-24
Packers win against Seattle 35-21
Panthers beat the Texans 17-10
Redskins beat the Rams 21-16
Bears beat the Cardinals 24-21
Bengals beat Chargers 31-28
Dolphins beat the Jaguars 17-9
Cowboys beat Eagles 21-6
Colts beat Jets 31-15
Vikings beat Lions 24-6
Broncos squeak a win out against Kansas City 21-18
Bucs beat the Saints 28-21
Giants beat the Falcons 35-21
49ers beat the Steelers 15-7

Week 2 in the NFL should be very interesting with two potentially great rivalry games and an epic Sunday Night Showdown.

Broncos and Chiefs look to start off Week 2 on a good note, but the two rivalry games I'm talking about are Cowboys vs Eagles and Patriots vs Bills.

The Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles will add another intriguing chapter to their rivalry as a former Cowboy seeks to give Philly a W over his former team.

The New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills battle for the top of the division early. A true test for the revamped Rex Ryan led Bills to make a STATEMENT against the defending Super Bowl champs. The Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks have an NFC Championship rematch LIVE on Sunday Night Football. Nuff said there! Let's get to these predictions!!

1. Chiefs defeat the Broncos, 24-21
2. Bills pull off the upset against the Patriots, 27-24
3. Money Mariota and the Titans defeat Money Manziel and the Browns, 21-7
4. Panthers defeat the Texans, 17-10
5. Cardinals defeat the Bears, 27-3
6. Chargers defeat the Bengals, 33-30
7. Lions defeat the Vikings, 20-10
8. Saints defeat the Buccaneers, 24-10
9. Giants defeat the Falcons, 14-10
10. 49ers defeat the Steelers, 17-14
11. Rams defeat the Redskins, 19-16
12. Ravens squash the Raiders, 27-3
13. Dolphins defeat the Jags, 20-3
14. Cowboys defeat the Eagles, 17-14
15. Packers get revenge on the Seahawks, 20-17
16. Jets defeat the Colts, 24-21

Den vs KC -  Chiefs
NE vs Buf - Patriots 
Ten vs Cle - Titants
Hou vs Car - Panthers
Ari vs Chi - Cardinals
SD vs CIN - Bengals
Det vs Min - Lions 
TB vs NO - Bucs
Atl vs NYG - Giants 
Pit vs 49ers - Steelers 
Stl vs Was - Rams 
Bal vs Oak - Ravens
Mia vs JaX - Dolphins
Dallas vs Phi - Eagles 
Sea vs GB - Packers 
Jets vs Colts - Jets

This week is full of a ton of games that can go either way. My predictions are as follows

Chiefs defeat the Broncos
Panthers defeat the Texans
49ers defeat the Steelers
Saints defeats the Buccaneers
Lions defeat the Vikings
Cardinals defeat the Bears
Bills defeat the Patriots
Chargers defeat the Bengals
Titans defeat the Browns
Falcons defeat the Giants
Rams defeat the Redskins 
Dolphins defeat the Jaguars
Ravens defeat the Raiders
Cowboys defeat the Eagles
Packers defeat the Seahawks
Colts defeat the Jets

This is going to be a great week for the NFL. Here are my predictions for the 2nd week of the season.

Colts beat the Jets 31-24
Packers beat the Seahawks 27-20
Cowboys beat the Eagles 24-10
Ravens beat the Raiders 30-13
Dolphins beat the Jaguars 17-14
Rams beat the Redskins 37-10
Falcons beat the Giants 21-18
Titans beat the Browns 41-7
Bengals beat the Chargers 23-14
Bills beat the Patriots 31-24
Cardinals beat the Bears 20-14
Lions beat the Vikings 24-17
Saints beat the Bucs 14-10
Steelers beat the 49ers 20-17
Panthers beat the Texans 23-16
Broncos beat the Chiefs 33-21

What about you guys? What's your predictions? Put them in the comments below.



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