DAR Sports: NFL Week 4 Preview

Here we are once again, discussing our NFL predictions. Week 4 is sure to be a tough one. Let's get right into the predictions.

Week four is slated to be make or break time for a several pre-preseason favorites, such as my hometown Ravens. Here are my predictions for this week. Hopefully, my office pool picks do just as well as my online picks did this week.

Ravens vs Steelers- Ravens
Dolphins vs Jets- Dolphins
Colts vs Jaguars- Colts
Giants vs Bills- Bills
Bucs vs Panthers- Panthers
Eagles vs Redskins-Eagles
Bears vs Raiders- Bears
Falcons vs Texans- Falcons
Bengals vs Chiefs- Bengals
Chargers vs Browns- Browns
49ers vs Packers- Packers
Cardinals vs Rams-Cardinals
Vikings vs Broncos- Broncos
Saints vs Cowboys- Cowboys
Lions vs Seahawks- Seahawks

I expect to see some pretty good games this week.

Steelers over Ravens 27-22
Jets over Dolphins 16-10
Giants over Bills 23-17
Panthers over Buccaneers 31-24
Bears (upset) over Raiders 33-31
Bengals over Chiefs 21-15
Falcons over Texans 36-31
Colts over Jaguars 28-14
Chargers over Browns 31-27
Packers over 49ers 26-20
Cardinals over Rams 38-17
Saints over Cowboys 28-23
Seahawks over Lions 20-17

I missed a few here, yes but those games are pretty easy to see who will win.

Week 4 should get kicked off nicely with a Thursday night battle between the Ravens and the Steelers. Features 4 potential rivalry games on Sunday. An interesting game on Sunday Night between the Cowboys and Saints. Concluding with a Monday Night Showdown between the Lions and the Seahawks.

Thursday, October 1
1. Ravens beat the Steelers, 14-10

Sunday, October 4
2. Jets defeat the Dolphins, 24-17
3. Giants defeat the Bills, 30-14
4. Buccaneers defeat the Panthers, 24-21
5. Raiders defeat the Bears, 27-10
6. Bengals defeat the Chiefs, 20-7
7. Falcons defeat the Texans, 40-10
8. Colts defeat the Jaguars, 27-3
9. Eagles defeat the Redskins, 21-14
10. Chargers defeat the Browns, 27-21
11. Broncos defeat the Vikings, 30-7
12. Packers defeat the 49ers, 34-10
13. Cardinals defeat the Rams, 28-14
14. Cowboys defeat the Saints, 17-10

Monday, October 5
15. Seahawks defeat the Lions, 24-14

Bal vs Pit- Baltimore will finally win their first game. It will be ugly nonetheless.

NYJ vs Mia- Miami will finally make the passing game work and resemble a respectable playoff contender.

Giants vs Bills- Giants

Car vs TB- Bucs

Chi vs Oak- Oakland looks better than expected, but they have going against weak defenses so far. They will get another win this week.

KC vs Cin- Cincinnati will get a Chiefs team just coming off of the Monday night game. They'll be ill-prepared and lose. Bengals win.

Hou vs Atl - Atlanta. Too much Julio.

Jax vs Ind- Jax

Phi vs Was- Eagles

Cle vs SD - Chargers

GB vs SF- GB

Min vs Den - Den. With full control of the offense again, Peyton will excel in the shotgun and get a W.

Stl vs Ari- Rams pull it out in this slugfest

Dal vs NO - Dal will prevail in the Backup Bowl

Det vs Sea - Seattle will destroy these boys.

This is going to be a good week. My predictions are as follows

Ravens beat Steelers 27-24
Jets beat Dolphins 17-10
Eagles beat Redskins 20-7
Broncos beat Vikings 34-13
Cowboys beat Saints 23-13 
Bucs beat Panthers 21-20
Raiders beat Bears 30-17
Bengals beat Chiefs 23-14
Colts beat Jaguars 37-3
Falcons beat Texans 33-16
Chargers beat Browns 20-17
Cardinals beat Rams 28-21
Packers beat 49ers 30-24
Bills beat Giants 27-21
Seahawks beat Lions 24-14

What are your predictions? Post them in the comments below.



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