DAR Sports: Top 3 All Time QBs

Today is Football Sunday. We do predictions weekly, but today we are all sitting down and discussing our three favorite Quarterbacks of all time. This is not based on stats alone, but rather personal opinion, impact, etc. Let's get started. 


*Peyton Manning

-His leadership is unmatched. Plus, he achieved greatness without shifty circumstances, and has mostly been a model citizen. 

*Warren Moon

-People forget about him at times. But, before there was Peyton or Brett, Warren Moon reigned. The man played in like three different leagues and STILL managed to set a wide variety of passing records. Plus, he's a brother.

*Randall Cunningham

One of the first incredibly mobile QBs. Totally slept on. 


*Peyton Manning 

-The greatest regular season quarterback of all time. One of the top 5 all time, no question. He has broken many records and captured a superbowl title. Although he does not have the greatest postseason record, he is still a genius. Peyton is the offensive coordinator and quarterback at the same time. He will be a first ballot hall of famer.

*Aaron Rodgers

-He is like Peyton and needs a better postseason record, but at least he has a superbowl ring. The skills are impeccable and his throwing motion is great. He is the best as far throwing with anticipation, which is what an NFL quarterback is supposed to play.

*Tom Brady

-Can't hate on this dude but so much. He is the most decorated QB this era with 4 superbowl titles. Been to the superbowl 6 times and has been a MVP. He is deadly accurate and gets the ball out quicker than anyone. He beat the NFL in the Deflategate scandal.  He's the golden boy and unfortunately to some, has not been dethroned.


*Tom Brady

-6 super bowl appearances, 4x super bowl champion, 3x super bowl MVP, and 2x NFL MVP. He has led the Patriots to more divisional titles than any other QB in history. He also has 21 victories in the playoffs, the most in NFL history. 

*Dan Marino

-The most pure passer in NFL history. Despite not winning a championship, he held every single passing record upon retirement. 

*Joe Montana

-4x super bowl champion (4-0 all time super bowl record), 4x MVP, and 40,000+ career passing yards. He perfected the west coast offense, and had 0 interceptions in all 4 super bowl games he played, and won.


*Tom Brady

-If anyone is close to Joe Montana status in terms of being recognized as the greatest, its Brady. While also tying his record for Super Bowl rings, this man is a true leader that could make any receiver look like a million bucks and keeps the secondary terrified. His ability to see the field and know exactly which target he wants to hit right off the snap is impressive. I just love watching the brother going to work. 

*Brett Favre

-Simply because he broke record after record and maintained those records. NFL MVP for 3 straight years. I believe that's never been done before. Only QB to throw for 70,000 yards. Also I have a lot of respect for him with that great comeback season he had with the Vikings, even though he came up short in the 2010 NFC Championship. He went out like a champ.

*Dan Marino 

-Despite being the last QB drafted in his class in the first round, Marino made an impact. I remember watching him, being wowed by his arm and the way he passed the football. His loyalty impressed me as he stood by the Dolphins, leading them to the playoffs 10 times in seventeen seasons with them. Although he's never won a super bowl, he's still recognized as one of the all time great QBs.


*Peyton Manning

-The greatest regular season QB to me and my all time favorite. I respect Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers is building a legacy but there's nobody above Peyton to me. His legacy is solidified, despite his lackluster playoff performances over the years. 

*Joe Montana

-There are a lot of names I could choose, but Joe is too much of a legend to ignore or overlook. The precision, the accuracy and the toughness. One of the greatest, if not THE GREATEST. 

*John Elway

-So many names I could have chosen here, from Favre to Marino to Bradshaw to Aikman to Namath, but I have to give it to Elway. Legendary. 

Who are your top 3? Let us know below in the comments. 



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