Retrospective: The Best Jodeci Songs

Compiled by @Tariku__, @SpeedOnTheBeat, @ShokusApollo

We here at DAR love talking 90s R&B, as it is a huge part of the culture that we enjoy documenting. Today, we wanted to discuss the best songs from my personal favorite 90s R&B group, Jodeci. With only four albums under their belt as a full collective, you would think this could be a short list. Not exactly. Kick back and enjoy the trip down memory lane.


-A classic track here that kicks off the debut Forever My Lady album is completely smooth, as Jodeci sings to their lady that they don't want her to go anywhere.

*Come and Talk To Me

-Yet another classic track. The bounce in the beat makes this different from your average ballad. Nothing but a classic.

*I'm Still Waiting

-Another dope track from the classic debut that once again serenades the ladies as only Jodeci can.

*Forever My Lady

-The title track off the classic debut album. A song that is still loved to this day as its message never gets old.

*U and I

-The slow, smooth sounds of this track from their debut instantly sets the mood for you and yours. Classic track.

*My Heart Belongs To You

-The opening track to the sophomore album Diary Of A Mad Band, this song is yet another classic track from the group. Infectious and smooth.

*Cry For You

-The epitome of a thug simp song if there ever was one. Jodeci sings their soul out for their lady and begs her to come back and love them. It's the essence of 90s R&B.


-The first time I heard this song, I loved it and its still one of my favorites, but man the woman that K-Ci was talking about is DANGEROUS. He said take his money, his house, his car just for a hit for her. I hope I never meet a woman to make me that sprung ever haha. However, this song is one of Jodeci's strongest.

*What About Us

-The smooth groove of this track, while JoJo kicks off singing to the lady of choice(and carries the song) is greatness.


-A slow, seductive type of song with some rapping infused, which drove home the whole essence of their second album mixing R&B and hip hop together.


-A track so dope, we sampled it on Exodus, the DAR group album(95 Style). Shoutout to Missy for providing vocals on this track as well.

*Fun 2 Nite

-Off their often slept on third album "The Show, The After Party, The Hotel", this features a G Funk esque groove and is extremely dope. A bit different than their usual, which makes it even stronger.

*Good Luv

-A different style for the group, but totally dope regardless. The harmony was quite rich here.


-The groove here is infectious, along with some good vibes. Another track that is slept on from the group.

*Get On Up

-The single that jammed at all parties in the mid 90s. A classic track that still could hype the right crowd.

*Freek'N You(Original and Remix)

-These two could be the best Jodeci songs. The original is a bedroom ballad of sorts, while the remix with Rae and Ghost is that official boom for the ladies. That raunchy style hip hop sex song mixed with some of that R&B flava(as they say).

*Time and Place

-Jodeci did one thing better than anyone else in the 90s: bedroom ballads and sex songs. This pretty much further solidifes it.

*Love U 4 Life

-True's personal favorite Jodeci song, this song is yet another classic. The harmony in the hook is infectious and K-Ci kills it as usual. A definite all time classic.

*Every Moment

-The first song actually heard from their new album, it is very reminiscent of the signature Jodeci sound, but with a more current vibe. A great song to add to their catalog no doubt.


-There wasn't much to rave about on the Past, Present and Future album, but I enjoyed this smooth song.

*Stress Reliever

-The closest song from the most recent album to rival their signature classic sound, this is a bit of a bedroom song.

There are three amazing Jodeci albums and their most recent hit or miss album, but regardless their legacy is solidified. This list should remind you of the greatness. Have any songs you think are missing? Put them in the comments below.



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