The Underrated: G-Unit- Beg For Mercy

By @Tariku__ 

1. G-Unit
2. Poppin Them Thangs
3. My Buddy
4. I'm So Hood
5. Stunt 101
6. Wanna Get To Know You
7. Groupie Love
8. Betta Ask Somebody
9. Footprints
10. Eye For Eye 
11. Smile
12. Baby You Got
13. Salute U
14. Beg For Mercy
15. G'D Up
16. Lay You Down
17. Gangsta Shit
18. I Smell Pussy

9 months after he made an instant impact with the classic album Get Rich Or Die Tryin', Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson would drop another great project. This project would have his label mates and crew members Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, and Young Buck. Beg For Mercy had that lightening in a bottle feel to it. It was in the right place at the right time. So, in November 2003, the album was released to a ton of fanfare and solid sales(topping out at about 4 million copies sold).

I have respect for 50 as he kind of took a backseat to let his crew shine. With Banks' quick and focused delivery, Buck's "shoot em up, I don't give a fuck" nature, and Yayo's smooth spaced out flow, it really gave the project a lot of diversity and flava. Yayo would be minimally featured due to his jail sentence, but his presence was still felt regardless.

Another thing I loved about the album was the feature film like production that 50 is kind of known for. Every track sounds like a movie. From the hardcore gun talk tracks like "Poppin Them Thangs" to the ghetto love songs like "Wanna Get To Know You". The balance of seriousness and fun was enough to keep my ears interested.

I was 9, watching the Stunt 101 music video, which had one of my favorite verses ever from Young Buck. I remember my father blasting the album throughout the crib, and even though I didn't understand the lyrics 100% because of my age, I let my imagination help enjoy the album. Same thing I did with Ready To Die. I can also remember being in elementary and hearing kids my age rap verses off the album. It just showed me how great rap can be, when an album comes around that everybody loves. G-Unit's Beg For Mercy album is a classic. Without a doubt.

Standout Songs: Footprints, Poppin Them Thangs, My Buddy, G'D Up, Gangsta Shit, Salute U, Groupie Love. 



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