The Underrated: Pharrell- In My Mind

By @TrueGodImmortal

1. Can I Have It Like That
2. How Does It Feel
3. Raspy Shit
4. Best Friend
5. You Can Do It Too
6. Keep It Playa
7. That Girl
8. Angel
9. Young Girl/I Really Like You
10. Take It Off(Dim The Lights)
11. Stay With Me
12. Baby
13. Our Father
14. Number One
15. Show You How To Hustle

In 2006, Pharrell embarked on a whole new journey releasing his first solo album. He had released a Gangsta Grillz mixtape previously, but this was a concept album that got split into two separate sections: one is centered around hip hop and features Pharrell rapping, while the second half is more of the smooth, melodic R&B style that we have been accustomed to. The first half of the album begins on the hip hop side of things, with the single "Can I Have It Like That" featuring Gwen Stefani on the hook. The song is one I'm not a huge fan of, but Pharrell does his thing on production and verse wise as well.

The beat for "How Does It Feel" is reminiscent of the classic Neptunes sound, full of spacey melodies and a upbeat tempo. Pharrell's strong suit is the production, and despite his verses being pretty hollow, he has a keen sense of humor, which comes through heavily in his verses for the first few tracks. He creates a classic production on "Best Friend", and spits some of his best lyrics here, as the verses get personal, a rarity for Pharrell. The song is one of the best on this album.

My favorite song on the rap side is "You Can Do It Too", which has a very smooth, jazzy beat and Pharrell talking his best shit. The beat on this song might actually be the best one on the entire album actually. The Slim Thug assisted "Keep It Playa" is a bouncy infectious track and pretty much stands as the last true "hip hop" track on the album. The ridiculously smooth and balanced "That Girl", which infuses both the hip hop and R&B element of the album in one song features Snoop Dogg and is extremely dope.

Moving into the R&B side so to speak next, Pharrell creates a more mainstream type of song with "Angel" to kick it off. The Jay-Z assisted "Young Girl/I Really Like You" is a bouncy yet smooth track, with the first part of it featuring an interesting verse from Jay, considering a few things. The 2nd part of the track is more melodic and even smoother invoking some elements of Prince. Continuing his melodic streak, "Take It Off(Dim The Lights" is Pharrell's attempt at creating a bedroom anthem and the production works perfectly as it is reminiscent of the classic 80s R&B music. The song is quite infectious and one of my favorites on this "R&B side" of the album.

The Pusha T assisted "Stay With Me" is a definite dope track, and the soul searching "Our Father" provides a deeper look into Pharrell's belief in God and how important that is to him. The single "Number One" with Kanye West was almost like a tribute to Off The Wall era Michael Jackson, as Pharrell created another spacey infectious track, and the hook is flawless. Pharrell closes out the album with one final hip hop track, the hard knocking and aggressive "Show You How To Hustle".

Overall, the album is a truly solid piece of work, with Pharrell proving that he could hold down an entire album and balance out both of his interests(rapping and singing). Revisit this album and enjoy.



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