The Underrated: Snoop Dogg's R&G(Rhythm and Gangsta) The Masterpiece

By @TrueGodImmortal

1. (Intro) I Love To Give You Light
2. Bang Out
3. Drop It Like Its Hot
4. Can I Get A Flicc Witchu
5. Ups and Downs
6. The Bidness
7. Snoop D.O. Double G
8. Let's Get Blown
9. Step Yo Game Up
10. Perfect
11. WBALLZ(Interlude)
12. Fresh Pair of Panties On
13. Promise I
14. Oh No
15. Can U Control Yo Hoe
16. Signs
17. I'm Threw Witchu
18. Pass It Pass It
19. Girl Like U
20. No Thang On Me

Snoop Dogg is a legend, that much we all know. However, after the release of his classic debut "Doggystyle", Snoop's music took a bit of a fall, as he never truly created something great afterwards. He came close on "Tha Last Meal", which I believe is his third best album, but his 2nd best or perhaps his actual best is R&G. Kicking off with the soulful "I Love To Give You Light" intro produced by Alchemist, the track is superb and showcases Snoop rapping at his absolute best. The sinister "Bang Out" features an aggressive beat and Snoop talking some of his best tough talk in years. The hook and bridge provided by the female voice only add to the dopeness.

When we arrive at the first single, The Neptunes produced "Drop It Like It's Hot", we see what the secret weapon of this album is: Pharrell. The production, some hooks, concepts, etc... Pharrell assists this album perfectly. Snoop and Pharrell kick some laid back rhymes over the simple yet effective production, giving Snoop a huge hit. Snoop has been known for his soulful tracks and infusing harmony, and he does this on the Bee Gees sampled "Ups and Downs", with a sing songy hook on top of some of his most solid verses in years. Snoop has always had a knack for making songs about his name and "Snoop D.O. double G" is yet another entry in the string of anthems like this.

My favorite song on this whole album, "Let's Get Blown" is up next and the melody along with Pharrell's hook carry it to upper echelon territory. This is a flawless track, with Snoop providing the laid back style on the verses, as Pharrell carries the hook assisted by Keyshia Cole, who is the voice asking "can I get my thrills". The Neptunes produced "Perfect" seems like a follow up to Snoop's 2002 hit "Beautiful", with Charlie Wilson and Pharrell creating a flawless hook, while Snoop kicks verses to a woman who has captivated his attention. The melody here is absolutely glorious.

The "WBALLZ" interlude leads into the hilarious "Fresh Pair of Panties On", which is a bedroom anthem, though not a serious one I would suspect. The beat is smooth and the hook could even be seen as sultry, but the concept is hilarious and the result is perfection to me. Over a Mr. Porter produced beat, Snoop follows up with the funky and infectious "Promise I", which drills home the allure of this album. The funky, soulful, and infectious nature of the songs are exactly what you wanted from Snoop in this stage of his career. We enjoy the usual gangsta talk from Snoop, but the melodies, harmonizing, and just all around fun on this album is what makes it so enjoyable and great. Snoop teams up with 50 Cent on a street anthem "Oh No", as both rappers bring some dope verses over a sinister track.

The pimped out "Can You Control Yo Hoe" is yet another anthem like track, and that pimp shit is what we have grown to love from Snoop as well. The Justin Timberlake and Charlie Wilson assisted "Signs" was a honest shock due to JT's hook, but the Neptunes production and infectious melodies once again make another hit for Snoop. In yet another hilarious moment, Soopafly and Snoop get rid of a lying and annoying female "I'm Threw Witchu", as Snoop takes it back to oldies a bit with his hook and the verses are absolute comedy. The production here is pretty smooth as well, making this an easy listen. As the album reaches a close, it's safe to say one of my favorite songs here is "Girl Like U", as the L.T. Hutton produced is too smooth, with yet another catchy and infectious hook, as Snoop and Nelly talk about the ladies in a back and forth fashion on the verses. The final track is a very smooth soulful ride with Snoop and Bootsy Collins teaming up for "No Thang On Me", a throwback type of track to the 70s honestly.

Snoop created a great album here, one I personally consider a classic and one of the most smoothest albums to listen to in the 2000s. Revisit this and enjoy.



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