Between Feminism, Amber Rose, a SlutWalk, and Liberation

So, I was going to avoid this topic and not go this route. However, this is a topic that I need to touch on briefly. Today, I see social media divided yet again on the topic of something involving "feminism". What has the people divided today you ask? The Amber Rose led slutwalk. Now, there are questions you may be asking... why is this occurring and what the hell is a slutwalk? Why is it being led by Amber Rose and not a true female activist who can led a concise rally or walk to provide awareness? Now, don't get me wrong: Amber Rose is resourceful and smarter than we give her credit for. She has started a conversation and her name is at the forefront. Her undying need for attention is essentially what led her to write a book on being "a bad bitch" to garner headlines and this Slutwalk is once again something that keeps her name out in the public. Even this article is a product of her attention seeking so kudos to Amber for making people talk.

Now, I'm not against equality and fairness for women at all. I fully believe in equal pay for women, providing better jobs for women and also bringing more awareness to some of the plights of oppression that women face on a daily. Initially, the slutwalk was intended to bring awareness to rape culture and be a show of solidarity to the victims of rape and that's a great idea minus the name. The horror that rape victims go through is truthfully ridiculous and as a father, I have very strong feelings and anger towards any man who would rape a female. However, where a Slutwalk comes into play here, I don't know. There should be a rally or even some type of event to provide support for those women who have been through that. I definitely think that could be great, but a slutwalk? That's not what this is.

Essentially, the slutwalk was intended to stop what is called Slut shaming, a concept I'm still learning about and trying to understand. I assume it's intended to stop name calling or women being labeled hoes for being promiscuous, which is laughable in honesty. This does not need a walk or anything brought to life to aid the mission(whatever the mission is) of stopping people from labeling women as hoes. Or rather, is the slutwalk meant to embrace that aura and persona? See, this is the confusing part. The women who are walking don't really know what they are walking for. Amber Rose really doesn't even seem to know herself. Let's be honest, in a world driven by sexuality, promiscuous women are somewhat vilified but still loved and sought after. Even the women perceived as such, who utilize sex appeal and nudity to capture the public's attention benefit from what people would love to call misogyny.

Now, if you do, great. We here at DAR have interviewed and embraced porn stars, cam girls, women who are free and truly sexually liberated without seeking the validation of strangers. Which, is where I feel the whole point of a slutwalk gets lost: the true liberation is in the choice to make for yourself with your mind and body that only you control, without needing approval or validation from the world. Your body is your body and if you choose to have sex with however many people, fine. That is your choice. Yes, men do it too and don't necessarily get vilified for it, but that's a double standard that exists and is more so attributed to what's always been seen as the differences in the genders, whether right or wrong. Men are historically seen as conquerors, on sexual conquests for multiple women in a generalization, though that doesn't truly depict us. Plenty of women are into having multiple sex partners, so are men. The beauty in all this is that you have that right to do so. Your body is not guarded or dictated by any man, ladies. You can do what you want and be happy about it. Some will cheer you on, others will look down upon you, by that's human nature in America now. What matters the most is your internal happiness. In our society, we are all raised differently. There are plenty of women who find the Slutwalk and some of the messages behind it stupid and pointless. It's not just men who may be against it or even just don't agree with it. The beauty of this? They have that right as well.

I saw some folks on social media trying to tell those in disagreement that they don't have a right to an opinion, but the hypocritical nature of this is lost on them. Feminism at its core is beyond necessary, but the lines have become blurred with these situations. Was this Slutwalk necessary? Probably not. Will it change some people's perceptions? Likely not. Does walking down the street yelling "my pussy, my choice" truly bring awareness to what you may be trying to accomplish? Not at all. I don't have any trouble with a woman doing what she wants with her body because it doesn't affect me and the personal views I have on the women I date or would date. The choice is solely yours ladies to have as many partners as you would like and no amount of people or public opinion should control your decision. These are your decisions to make and that's it. Regardless, this is totally in your hands only and as long as you are happy... fuck what people think about your decision. Especially strangers. They have no true affect on your life. Embrace what you like to do and what you enjoy. You don't need Amber Rose or a random walk down the street to accomplish this. Or maybe you do... and if that is the case, I just hope you actually find the comfort on your own following. Choice is yours.



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