DAR Roundtable: Drake's So Far Gone vs Take Care

So Far Gone 

1. Lust For Life
2. Houstaltantavegas
3. Successful
4. Let's Call It Off
5. November 18th
6. Ignant Shit 
7. A Night Off
8. Say What's Real
9. Little Bit
10. Best I Ever Had
11. Unstoppable Remix
12. Uptown
13. Sooner Than Later
14. Bria's Interlude
15. The Calm
16. Outro 
17. Brand New


Take Care

1. Over My Dead Body
2. Shot For Me
3. Headlines 
4. Crew Love
5. Take Care
6. Marvin's Room
7. Buried Alive Interlude
8. UnderGround Kings
9. We'll Be Fine 
10. Make Me Proud
11. Lord Knows 
12. Cameras/Good Ones Go Interlude
13. Doing It Wrong
14. The Real Her
15. Look What You've Done
16. HYFR(Hell Yeah Fuckin Right)
17. Practice
18. The Ride
19. The Motto

Today, we talk two of Drake's albums and see which one of these albums are better. Let's get started.

Gotta go with Take Care. Felt like Drake was starting to become more confident as an overall artist and MC. The production is honestly some of the best I've ever heard. Every track felt significant. Had that "big deal" feel to it. You had rap, soul, club (HYFR), and straight up storytelling. Features like the Weeknd on Crew Love are godlike. Lord Knows is better than 85% of So Far Gone. Take Care was just a better album to me because it showed Drake was starting to truly know who he was as an artist.

In 2009, the day before Valentine's Day, we were given a mixtape that's, in some ways, defined some avenues of hip-hop to this very day. I'm, of course, talking about Drake's So Far Gone. It was a collection that featured atmospheric beats, honest talk (sometimes borderline complaining) about troubles with women, and the completed transformation of Aubrey Drake Graham from "Wheelchair Jimmy Brooks" to up-and-coming rap superstar. But, was it better than Take Care?


Take Care, for me, was the culmination of Drake's pre-6 God trilogy. We still got the heartfelt lyrics a la "Successful," but there was something more sinister lurking. Drake had experienced more of the "dark side" of fame, the dark side of the life he'd lived. And it showed. He was happy with his successes through the album, but still wanted more. This was a man who drunk dialed his ex, but still managed to showcase his lyrical prowess. This was a man who, with a then unknown Kendrick Lamar, was being "Buried Alive" by the fame, the money, and the pussy (to paraphrase the song itself). Everything about the album was more cohesive than SFG and flowed better. Additionally, from Take Care's last track "The Ride," featuring another now-famous artist, The Weeknd, we got the warning that his "junior and senior will only get meaner."

And, say what you will about Drake, he's gotten a lot more confrontational with his lyrics, in a good way. So, for those reasons, and personal preference/reasons (long story that you can hear on my albums, shameless plug), Take Care gets my vote.

This is kind of an odd comparison to me because both projects are not Drake's best material IMO. If I had to choose however, Take Care gets the nod though because the songs are better honestly. But there is plenty of filler on both albums to me, so I couldn't truly get into this comparison as much.

Okay, initially I hated Take Care because it wasn't really rap to me, and I loved So Far Gone because when it came out, I needed it. But, as the years pass, Take Care has grown on me tremendously. Drake's growth from the two is extremely noticeable and the production is pretty good as well. So, I have to go with Take Care, simply because it feels like an upgraded version of So Far Gone.

Where do I start, first and foremost, I wanna say fuck y'all for making me do this shit(laughs). These projects both are extremely flawless, Take Care differs from So Far Gone cause it was more of an album to simp to like your girl cheated on you or something. Going through that? Well, you throw Take Care on, have Marvin's Room on replay, then Shot For Me, or Cameras/Good Ones Go next. He gave Kendrick Lamar a feature and made him hot and who he is today IMO. It was a very huge moment in hip hop, I didnt even know who he was until Drake put him on the album. But the album was a solid 10/10 to me overall.  Now, with So Far Gone, this is what put Drake on the map for damn near everybody. "Best I Ever Had" got me so much pussy dedicating that to bitches, the shit was sensational. "Lust For Life" is a beautiful song as well, then with "Say What's Real", "The Calm", "houstatlantavegas", etc... It all showed Drake was a lyrical god. This is also a 10/10 album, and it is impossible to choose between the two of them. It's a classic tie.

So Far Gone takes this one by a mile. Drake showed off his unique voice with some pretty dope verses here and there. If you listen to the mixtape deeply, you'll notice how heavily influenced it is by 808's & Heartbreaks. If you like the singing side of Drake, this mixtape is definitely for you. Take Care was an alright album. It was kind of similar to So Far Gone, but just not as good. He did do a good job being able to mix hip hop & R&B on the album and make it fit. But it was just too plain for me. It wasn't as unique as So Far Gone. It was a huge disappointment for me. I'm sorry Drake stans. Forgive me.

Personally, I leaned towards So Far Gone. I have my reasons. As an MC, Drake was hungrier then and "Say What's Real" is almost impossible to deny lyrically. It's a tie for me only because Take Care holds up well in repeat listeners. I'm going to say So Far Gone for the sake of the debate here, as it was a bit more cohesive when it really, but it is impossible to deny either project. Neither is a classic to me, but both work well for what they do. So Far Gone for me, barely.

What about you? Write in the comments below.



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