DAR Sports: NFL Week 5 Preview

Welcome back, we here at DAR are excited about the upcoming week 5 and here are our predictions. Let's get right into it.


New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys
As much as I hate to say it New England will be the winning team. Dallas' offense isn't scoring very well without Romo and their secondary is looking lost out there right now Tom Brady will take advantage of it.

Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans
Both teams aren't looking good this season there isn't much to talk about on this game, Houston wins a close one.

New Orleans Saints vs Philadelphia Eagles
Drew Brees is back and is looking good his passes weren't as tight as usual but he got it done last week. He will do better this week. Philly's offense isn't very strong and I don't see their defense stoping the Saints. NO takes this game.

Chicago Bears vs Kansas City Chiefs
Chicago isn't a threat this year at all I'll take whoever they play any week. Kansas City with a blowout win.

Seattle Seahawks vs Cincinnati Bengals
Seattle is a strong team but Cincinnati is looking great this year they're on a hot streak and I don't see that ending to Seattle. Cincinnati wins a close one.

Washington Redskins vs Atlanta Falcons
Washington hasn't been a threat to anyone in the last few years I see an easy win for the Falcons.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tampa Bay Bucs
Jacksonville is still a few years away from being a strong team. Tampa Bay under A young QB is still trying to find their way I don't see a blowout but I see a Mike Evans coming through in this game and the Bucks win by two touchdowns.

Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens
Not much to say about this game besides the Browns are still working on getting a solid team and the Ravens have what they need they just aren't capitalizing. Baltimore with an easy win.

Buffalo Bills vs Tennessee Titans
Buffalo is looking strong this year but I think Mariota will pull through with an surprise win against the Bills.

St. Louis Rams vs Green Bay Packers
The Rams pulled a surprise win last week against Arizona I don't see them winning but they'll hold their own, Green Bay with a close win.

Arizona Cardinals vs Detroit Lions
All I have to say about this game is Arizona comes out with an easy win after the frustrating loss against the Rams last week.

Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders
Oakland is one or two years away from being a Super Bowl contending team, Carr and Cooper will have a great game if the O Line can hold their own against the strong D Line of Denver. I see the Raiders with a close win.

San Francisco 49ers vs New York Giants
This will be a close one both offenses are struggling with scoring. It'll be a battle of the kickers. New York with a field goal win.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs San Diego Chargers
Pittsburgh had an ugly loss against the Ravens last week will come back win a win against the Chargers. Vick is looking good they would've won last week if Antonio Brown wouldn't have dropped that TD pass or if the kicker wouldn't have missed those field goals I see them coming in with a strong win against San Diego.

Going to take a different approach and only put the list of teams who will win.  


I expect to see great games this week. Some teams playoffs chances are on the line this week, it is important some of them get the win.

Colts over Texans 17-10
Titans over Bills (upset) 34-29
Ravens over Browns 28-15
Bears over Chiefs 30-22
Seahawks over Bengals (upset) 26-13
Rams over Packers (upset) 24-17
Buccaneers over Jaguars 10-3
Saints over Eagles 35-33
Redskins over Falcons (upset) OT 24-21
Cardinals over Lions 38-17
Patriots over Cowboys 41-28
Broncos over Raiders 31-25
Giants over 49ers 27-13
Chargers over Steelers (upset) 17-14
Yeah, I expect some big upsets this weekend.

This NFL season has been strange but exciting at the same time for me. Week 5 is here. The warm up weeks are over and it's time for every team to kick it into high gear or get left in the dust. 

Thursday, October 8th
1.Colts defeat the Texans, 24-3

Sunday, October 11
2. Titans defeat the Bills, 17-14
3. Browns defeat the Ravens, 14-10
4. Chiefs defeat the Bears, 24-0
5. Bengals defeat the Seahawks, 21-17
6. Rams upset the Packers, 24-21
7. Buccaneers defeat the Jaguars, 18-3
8. Saints defeat the Eagles, 17-10
9. Redskins defeat the Falcons, 27-24
10. Cardinals defeat the Lions, 33-7
11. Patriots defeat the Cowboys, 24-13
12. Broncos defeat the Raiders, 30-27
13. Giants defeat the 49ers, 16-13

Monday, October 12
14. Chargers defeat the Steelers, 25-17

This week is an interesting one. Lot of solid games here. 

Indy vs Houston - Hou
Buf vs Ten - Buf
Cle vs Bal - Bal
KC vs Chi - KC
Phi vs NO - NO
Jax vs TB - TB
Was vs Atl- Atlanta 
Ari vs Det - Det
GB vs Stl - STL 
NE vs Dal - NE
Oak vs Den- Den 
Pit vs SD- Chargers

Let's get into it....

Colts defeat Texans 24-17
Bills defeat Titans 20-13
Ravens defeat Browns 34-10
Chiefs defeat Bears 27-13
Bengals defeat Seahawks 23-17
Packers defeat Rams 37-20
Bucs defeat Jaguars 17-7
Saints defeat Eagles 24-6
Falcons defeat Redskins 44-13
Cardinals defeat Lions 30-13
Patriots defeat Cowboys 33-27
Broncos defeat Raiders 27-13
Giants defeat 49ers 28-21
Chargers defeat Steelers 24-21

What are your predictions? Post them below in the comments as usual. 



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