DAR Sports: The Top 5 NFL Running Backs of All Time

As football season continues, we here at DAR wanted to follow up our top QBs article with one on the greatest running backs of all time. Everybody got 5 choices to pick from, so let's get into it. 


*Marcus Allen

-Made an entire generation of people Raiders fans.

*Emmitt Smith

-Similar reasons to Marcus Allen. Plus, when you think of RBs, you usually think of Emmitt Smith. He redefined the position.

*Jamal Lewis

-I may get some stares for this one. But, hear me out. Lewis came into the league and in a couple years, rewrote what it meant to be a RB. He was fast, but he was also a bruiser. We had fast RBs, and we had bruising RBs. But Lewis was the rare breed who had both character traits.

*Jamal Anderson

-I don't really have a reason other than he was fun to watch.

*Barry Sanders

-..duh. No way you can make a list and forget him. 


*Emmitt Smith 

-All time leading rusher. 3 time superbowl champion. Hall of famer.

*Adrian Peterson

-Former MVP. One of the games greatest backs.

*Walter Payton

-Sweetness was without a doubt one of the game's best backs ever. 

*Jerome Bettis

-The Bus is still one of the all-time greats and his toughness was one of his best attributes. 

*LaDainian Tomlinson

-LT was always one of my favorites and he still remains on my list to this day. 


*Marshawn Lynch

-BEAST MODE! Nuff said

*Adrian Peterson

-The perfect tough ground and pound back. His toughness fit the hard hitting defensive focused NFC conference. His ability to power through multiple defenders with such ease always amazed me. 

*Earl Campbell

-DEMOLITION MAN! Although his career was "cut short" due to the hits he absorbed, there was no denying that this man was the most intimidating back of his time.

*Jamaal Charles

-Brother has great skill at the back position. The reason why I put him on my list is simple. The man is the all time leading back in yards per carry. That's really impressive.

*Jim Brown

-The greatest football player ever. Played at the Running Back position. He belongs on this list off that alone.


*Emmitt Smith

-My all time personal favorite RB was the heart of the Cowboys team for many years. The GOAT to me.

*Barry Sanders 

-The other GOAT so to speak, he was simply amazing in what he did. No way to do a list and not include Barry or Emmitt. Period. 

*Terrell Davis

-Maybe it is just the Broncos fan in me, but Terrell was a beast and I have to include him in my top RB list. 

*Jim Brown

-I had to put the man on here. There are few players in history who could do what Jim Brown has done. Legendary. 

*Walter Payton

-Sweetness was the man. Aside from his appearance at Summerslam 1994 with Razor Ramon, this man could do no wrong. 


*Barry Sanders

-Barry was the best at making securing a TD and had great vision, plus lateral quickness. 

*Walter Payton

-Walter was really one of the smoothest runners I ever watched. His highlights remain greatness. 

*Eric Dickerson

-Also one of the smoothest runners ever and he just made it look easy, always loved watching the highlights. 

*Emmitt Smith

-Emmitt was tough as nails, one of my favorite to watch growing up and 

*Marshall Faulk

-Marshall was the best all around back, he was good at everything. 

Who are your top 5 choices? Let us know below in the comments section. 



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