Diggin' In The Crates: Organized Noize

By @TrueGodImmortal 

From the realms of the Dungeon, the production trio of Organized Noize(Rico Wade, Ray Murray, Sleepy Brown) helped to shape the sound of Atlanta in the 90s. With a knack for making aggressive beats along with smooth melodies, today we take a look back at Organized Noize and their production catalog. Some gems and some lesser known ones as well. You know how we do.

*TLC- Waterfalls

-A mega hit produced by the trio that still lives on and is iconic in this day and age. Likely the most popular Organized Noize production period.

*Mista- Blackberry Molasses 

-Probably my favorite production from the trio and one of my all time favorite songs. The beat is perfect and the melody is infectious, as well as the hook. Word to Bobby V.

*Society of Soul- Pushin'

-A Curtis Mayfield esque track that allows Sleepy Brown do this thing flawlessly, this track off the album Brainchild is amazing.

*TLC- Sumthin Wicked This Way Comes

-Andre 3000 is a featured guest on this guitar riff led production as TLC does what they do best. Great track.

*Billy Lawrence- Paradise 

-A young, smooth voiced lady that never got a chance to see success, Billy Lawrence masterfully sings this song and makes it work without a doubt. The production here is amazing.

*Mista- Fresh Groove

-Extremely melodic, upbeat and even smooth, this track is a gem.

*Society of Soul feat Cee-Lo and George Clinton- Blac Mermaid

-The Society of Soul album "Brainchild" featured amazing tracks, but this one stuck out in particular. The drums were heavy, the music was solid, and it is greatness all around.

*Kurupt feat Roscoe- I Call Shots

-Organized did some work for both Kurupt and Roscoe, this song was an anthem of sorts that let them do their thing as only the true west coast MCs could.

*Goodie Mob- Fly Away

-Off the Still Standing album, this one was southern smooth with a simple feel to it. One of the most simple yet funky beats from the trio.

*Ludacris feat Sleepy Brown- Saturday(Ooh Ooh)

-One of Luda's singles from his great Word of Mouf album, this bouncy groove still knocks in cars.

*Outkast- Jazzy Belle

-The production is pretty simple yet so effective. The drums are patterned to provide us with a rhythm built for storytelling.

*Outkast- 13th Floor/Growing Old 

-The somber piano keys, the beautiful drums, the background vocals, everything about this song itself is perfect and this is one of my all time favorite tracks.

*Bubba Sparxxx feat Sleepy Brown- Back In The Mud 

-A rapid fire production with heavy rock influence definitely was an interesting production and allows Bubba to drop some heat with a melody on the hook perfect for Sleepy.

*Outkast- Return of The "G" 

-The slow, thumping groove here allows the duo of Andre and Big Boi to drop nothing but the realest.

*Goodie Mob featuring WitchDoctor- God I Wanna Live

-The melodic sound on the beat and the relaxation behind it allows for the group to speak their souls over a perfect sound bed. This is still amazing and a great song regardless of anything.

*Ludacris- Blueberry Yum Yum

-Off The Red Light District album, this was a solid production and slow groove for the smokers.

*Cee-Lo feat Big Rube and G-Rock- Scrap Metal 

-Likely a more underrated production here, a solid track without a doubt, as all MCs do the beat justice too.

*Sleepy Brown and Outkast- I Can't Wait 

-Originally released on the Barbershop 2 soundtrack, this track is simplified to a booming bass, knocking drums and a small melody but perfect.

*Witchdoctor feat. Outkast- Dez Only 1

-A track off Witchdoctor's album features the dynamic duo of Big and Dre kicking great rhymes over a flawless production by Organized yet again.

*Outkast- Mighty "O"

-Off the Idlewild album, this was like an Outkast reunion track of sorts almost. Classic track and intense production.

*Outkast- So Fresh, So Clean

-Another huge hit for Organized, this one was yet another smooth groove presented from the Dungeon. Yet again, more greatness.

*Outkast- Spaghetti Junction

-This is a top 3 production from Organized to me. The drums are perfection, the horns are glorious and melody is greatness. What more could you ask for?

*Outkast- Crumblin Erb

-A classic track from Outkast's debut album, this was a great beat, sort of soulful, smooth and the right amount of bounce to it.

*Society of Soul- Funky Ride

-Listen to the melody. The smooth flow of the groove. Enjoy. Enough said.

*En Vogue- Don't Let Go(Love)

-This one is huge for the trio. A big hit from the Set It Off soundtrack for En Vogue, carried by the masterful production here. Flawless.

*Cool Breeze feat. Outkast, Witchdoctor and Goodie Mob- Watch For The Hook

-Another classic production. The beat is classic and the song is as well, another show of Dungeon Family solidarity.

Have anymore favorite Organized Noize productions? List them below in the comments!



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