Retrospective: The Best Big Boi Verses

Chosen by @TrueGodImmortal and @JustKels88 

So, it is DAR Atlanta Music week and under the surface, it is also Dungeon Family week in some ways, because of their importance to Atlanta music. Months ago, we did a look St the best Andre 3000 verses, however, this go round, we want to look at the more underrated member of Outkast, Big Boi, Sir Lucious Leftfoot, etc. He has many great verses, and today we are going to talk about some of his absolute best. There's a lot to cover. Let's get into it.

Claimin' True(Chosen by True)

-I have always been partial to this song and both MCs verses, but Big definitely did his thing here without a doubt.

Black Ice(Chosen By True)

-Off of Goodie Mob's Still Standing album, everybody went in, but Big was an absolute beast on this track.

ATLiens(Chosen by Kels)

-Polar bear’s toenails. All I have to say. Pure southern greatness.

E.T.(Extraterrestrial)(Chosen by True)

-The greatness of this first verse cannot be denied. Big comes with some of his most solid work here. "That's why you gotta guard your grill". Word.

Return of The G(Chosen by True)

-There are a ton of verses from the Aquemini album that truly could make this list, but this is my personal favorite of his from the album. Why? Listen to the laid back lyrics and flow. It's Big at his best.

Aquemini(Chosen by True)

-This first verse isn't the most lyrical or features as many internal rhyme schemes either, but it is classic in essence period. Pay your beeper bill, BITCH!!

Chonkyfire(Chosen by True)

-The beat was amazing throughout of course, and Andre does his thing. However, I always felt as if Big outshined him just a bit here. His verse is mega dope.

Ms. Jackson(Chosen by Kels)

Both of Big Boi’s verses are nice but the second one, man look. Big Boi was completely fed up. I have a baby momma moment every time I hear that verse.

Red Velvet(Chosen by True)

-Big's first verse is something special. He flows perfectly over the beat and absolutely kills it.

Da Art of Storytellin' Part 4(Chosen by Kels)

-Maybe the best example of how great Big Boi’s storytelling is. It might just be Big Boi’s best verse of all time but, ask me again tomorrow.

Da Art of Storytellin Part 1(Chosen By True)

-"I gave her a Lil' Wil CD and a fucking poster!!! It's like that now". No way I could leave off the story of Suzie Screw here.

Slum Beautiful(Chosen by True)

-Big has always been one to come correct on the Outkast songs about the ladies, but this verse here was extremely smooth and one of his best on the Stankonia album.

Knowing(Chosen by True)

-The first verse from Big is honest, raw and paints a picture that struck a cord with me, especially these days.

Mighty O(Chosen by Both)

Because, yes. As long as his verse is, we never wanted him to stop rapping. This is one of Kels' favorite Kast tracks that she forgets is her favorite until it comes on; and it's because of Big Boi.

The Train(Chosen By True)

-Impossible to choose just one verse, as this is my all time favorite solo Big Boi track. The song is perfection and each verse is legendary to me. Big made something timeless here.

International Players Anthem(Chosen by True)

-This is personally one of my favorite songs ever from both UGK and Outkast, and I think that Big has the 2nd/3rd best verse on the song. He goes in and drops gems.

The Whole World(Chosen by True)

-The verse from Big here is melancholy yet honest. He looks at the direction of the world and speaks from the soul. The only liable limitation is yourself. Word.

Reset(Chosen by True)

-Off his Speakerboxxx side of the Outkast double album, Big gets very introspective here and talks his some of his most honest lyrics. One of my all time favorite verses ever from him. Top 5 definitely.

In The A(Chosen by Kels)

It seems like people forget Big Boi even dropped Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors but my goodness. He goes backs and forth between quick spitting to laid back, southern rapping-all in one verse. He definitely let his nuts hang. Honestly, he let his nuts hang on the entirety of that album- go give it another spin sometime.

Throw Your Hands Up(Chosen By True)

-Off the 8Ball and MJG album "In My Lifetime", this collab allows Big to get aggressive and kicks one of his most solid guest verses.

808(Chosen by True)

-Off the Purple Ribbon mixtape/album, Big Boi outshines Bun B, G-Rock and Big Gee with his verse at the end. Solid and laid back Big.

Speakers On Blast(Chosen by True)

-Big stops in for the Game's R.E.D. Album and kills it. He easily outshines Game and E-40 on this track.

Hootie Hoo(Chosen by Both)

-Just, go listen to it. I’m not even sure what I can say about this one. The bass line makes it impossible to ignore this track and once Big Boi starts rapping, it's over.

Banana Clipper(Chosen by True)

-Big joins Run The Jewels for this joint and goes in to close out the song. His focused flow kills it.

Wailin’(Chosen by Kels)

-Every aspect of this song is perfection. But, Big Boi opened it up with one of the dopest verses I have ever heard. Not sure if it was because of how smoothly he rode the beat (Organized Noize needs a new house, in 2015, for this beat) or what but it doesn’t really matter. It is amazing.

Slump(Chosen by True)

-Big has a short verse on the track, but steals the show with the best verse on the song and a top 3 verse from him on Aquemini.

Skew It On The Bar-B(Chosen by True)

-"I bust raps like D-Boys bust gats, shit/ we the type of people that don't bury the ax, or the hatchet/". Man, Big was killing it on Aquemini.

Millennium(Chosen by True)

-"When your back was turned, them slackers learned, and now we falling apart/ You looking me in my eye, but you ain't feeling me in your heart/", and "let's stick together and overcome/ but they don't feel like marching cause they shoes in overrun/", need I say more? Big killed that.

Ova Da Wudz(Chosen by True)

-Big was never the most intricate lyricist, but his style and delivery as well as wordplay is his strong suit. Here, he kicks off the song with a first verse that's supremely dope.

Jazzy Belle(Chosen by True)

-Big's first verse really drops some knowledge and goes in on the women he encounters. Classic song in general and one of Big's most solid verses.

Crumblin' Erb(Chosen by True)

-Big's first verse is so simple, yet so effective with his delivery and the style. This is one of his most easily recited and remembered verses, not to mention his half verse in verse 3 as well.

General Patton(Chosen by True)

-Big goes in with the first verse on this track from his solo album "Sir Lucious Left Foot, Son of Chico Dusty". The other verses are fire as well, but the first verse is amazing.

Daddy Fat Sax(Chosen by True)

-Big's first verse off this track on his first solo album was pretty political and goes hard, as does his second verse, which talks the Dungeon legacy some.

The Thickets(Chosen by True)

-The first verse off this amazing song from his "Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors" album was the perfect reintroduction for Big on the solo tip.

There are so many Big Boi verses to choose from, and we did our best to pick some ones that have been heralded as such and plenty that were slept on as well. Big Boi is one half of the best duo of all time(of my opinion), and his catalog of verses are classic. Revisit. Acknowledge the greatness.



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