Retrospective: Gucci Mane Is The Machine

By @JustKels88

Regardless of the capacity in which you have come to know of Gucci Mane, it is impossible to deny his importance. In his latest open letter to fans from the United States Penitentiary in Terra Haute, IN where he is serving a three year firearm related sentence, GuWop calls himself “the machine behind [me]”; which is probably the most accurate description of his role in the music industry thus far. It also happens to be the title for his next project, scheduled to be released sometime in 2016. Even while incarcerated, Gucci Mane has released more projects than a majority of his peers and has continued to handle business accordingly.

Gucci Mane’s relentless work ethic and unmatched drive paired with his innate ability to recognize talent makes him the most prolific person in the current landscape of music. He is the machine. Aside from his own successful career as a rapper-he obviously has an infinite amount of material- Gucci is responsible for the transcendence of “trap” rap into every region and market. Not to mention, he built his often underrated platform in the industry from nothing. A little over ten years since the release of his debut studio album, Gucci has shouldered the work load of dozens of his counterparts while fueling the success of many huge names in the business.

The list of artists who rose to fame after working with or receiving a cosign from Gucci Mane is nothing less than a marvel. From Zaytoven and Metro Boomin to Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Young Thug, and Migos as well as damn near any other rapper to make noise out of Atlanta in the last 10 years, a plethora of today’s most popular artists came to the spotlight after GuWop took them under his wing. Doubters will say Gucci is not as prominent in the industry as some of the artists he is credited for placing, then you get into personal beefs, gossip and other subjective matters I don't care to address. While plenty of the people whose careers Gucci Mane propelled openly acknowledge his direct impact, there are plenty of instances in which it is overlooked. Say French Montana never goes to Atlanta. Say Gucci Mane never meets Waka Flocka’s mother. Say Young Jeezy never compromises and does the feature on “Icy”.  These hypotheticals can go on and on with the point being, Gucci is an integral part of where we are as far as an industry standard today. All of this makes him the machine; the hardest working and most essential piece that is often marginalized to the background of the product it creates.

I found myself at a weird place when the epiphany hit that Gucci Mane was indeed, the machine. Candidly, I am not a big fan of his music and I am not certain that today’s “industry standard” is something to hold in high esteem. All that being said, I respect the hell out of the man and it is what it is. It is impossible to knock what Gucci has accomplished, all the time being nothing other than himself and working harder than most anyone around him. Attribute “trap” rap to whomever you see fit but the machine that is responsible for the continued success of what has become an undeniable force – that is all Radric Davis.



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