The Underrated: Clipse- Hell Hath No Fury

By @truegodimmortal 

1. We Got It For Cheap(Intro)
2. Momma I'm So Sorry 
3. Mr. Me Too
4. Wamp Wamp(What It Do)
5. Ride Around Shining 
6. Dirty Money 
7. Hello New World 
8. Keys Open Doors 
9. Ain't Cha
10. Trill
11. Chinese New Year 
12. Nightmares

After the platinum success of their debut album "Lord Willin", the Virginia duo Clipse set out to create something even greater with their second project, released on November 2006. The album was held up by constant delays from their label, Jive Records, causing the momentum to taper off just a bit, but Clipse went in focused and the result was Hell Hath No Fury.

Produced entirely by The Neptunes, the album starts off with the aggressive intro "We Got It For Cheap", with a booming beat that allows Pusha and Malice to talk their shit welcoming you to this experience. As, the accordion heavy "Momma I'm So Sorry" hits, the duo talk about their transgressions in the dope game, weaving through demons and a feeling of hopelessness to embrace their place and lifestyle while asking their momma for forgiveness in the hook.

The first single "Mr. Me Too" hit with a bare track, which during this period was the Neptunes secret weapon, and allowed Pusha and Malice to criticize rappers and people in general for being followers. While I was not a fan of "Wamp Wamp", the following track "Ride Around Shining" was absolutely amazing and is still one of my favorites. From the beat to the catchy hook to the lyrics, the song is absolutely flawless. The hilarity of the intro to "Dirty Money" and the song itself is a bit cheesy, but the album reaches its apex with "Hello New World" and "Keys Open Doors", both top all time Clipse tracks to me.

"Hello New World" features a darker beat allowing the duo to talk their shit as usual, while "Keys Open Doors" is a more menacing and aggressive track, with the duo talking that dope game as only they could. The catchy "Ain't Cha" follows these two tracks and has more of a traditional Neptunes sound, but still manages to fit into the theme and overall feel of the album. The same could be said for "Trill" and "Chinese New Year", which feel like they were recorded around 2004, with the melody and sound provided from the Neptunes. The tracks are still greatness and full of amazing sound regardless.

The final track on the album is my favorite Clipse track ever, "Nightmares" featuring Bilal and Pharrell. Bilal carries the hook as the somber melodic track allows for Malice and Pusha to speak about their paranoia in the life, as Pharrell closes it out with an infectious harmony as well. The song is another flawless one, and is the best possible way to end this album. Clipse set out to outdo their first album and they did just that. Depending on opinion, Hell Hath No Fury is arguably a classic. It is without a doubt, the best Clipse album. Reflect on this album and enjoy.



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