The Underrated: Snoop Dogg- Tha Last Meal

By @TrueGodImmortal 

1. Intro 
2. Hennesey and Buddah 
3. Snoop Dogg(What's My Name Part 2)
4. True Lies 
5. Wrong Idea 
6. Go Away 
7. Set It Off
8. Stacey Adams 
9. Lay Low 
10. Bring It On 
11. Game Court(Skit)
12. Issues 
13. Brake Fluid(Bitcccch Pump Yo Brakes)
14. Ready To Ryde 
15. Losin' Control
16. I Can't Swim 
17. Leave Me Alone 
18. Back Up Off Me
19. Y'all Gone Miss Me 

When speaking of the West Coast, there aren't many artists over the years who remained in the public eye, but one who never left the mainstream for the most part was Snoop Dogg. After a few albums on No Limit Records, Snoop decided to walk away from the Master P led label and get back to doing his own thing, but before he did that, he gave us a near classic in "Tha Last Meal". He officially was reunited again with Dr. Dre and the fresh sound of the West was once again in play from the opening of "Hennesey and Buddah", which is a smooth west coast track perfect to kick off this album.

Snoop has always been experimental with his music and on the single "Snoop Dogg", produced by the legendary Timbaland, he creates another knocking anthem for fans who may have forgot how to spell his name(not sure how that would happen anyways). My favorite song on the album would have to be the bumping "Wrong Idea" which features Bad Azz and KoKane on the hook, and the hook is extremely infectious, while Snoop manages to bring the fire on his verses too. The song is so west coast, but still manages to be universal in the appeal. Snoop enlists Timbaland for yet another track, the speakers bouncing "Set It Off", which sees Lady of Rage, MC Ren, Ice Cube, and more kicking that West Coast flava, with Nate Dogg yet again working his magic here on the track with a nice bridge.

KoKane provides the vocals for the hook on "Stacey Adams", a smooth pimp dedication to the dress shoes of choice for every gangsta. It's once again full of that West Coast sound, and that leads right into the murderous "Lay Low" where Nate Dogg, Butch Cassidy, Tha Eastsidaz, and surprisingly Master P steal the show from Snoop. P's verse isn't a classic or even lyrically nice, it is just very entertaining and the song is one of the best on the album. Snoop has a short period of the album that didn't really connect as well though "Issues" is a truly solid track.

However, the Scott Storch produced "Brake Fluid" is an all time classic. "Bitch pump yo brakes, you hoe..... BITCCCCHHH" goes the hook as KoKane masterfully does what he does best and creates an anthem. A young True would be quoting this quite often in school, and getting in trouble in the process, but well worth it. This song is a gem. Now with the Eve assisted "Ready To Ryde", Snoop creates a very catchy track here and another strong possible single that should have been used. As the album begins to close, Snoop starts get into a more relaxed mode as the "Losin Control" and "I Can't Swim" are very laid back and lead into a top 3 of mine on this album "Leave Me Alone". That song is so laid back and smooth and a perfect way to end the album. However, Snoop allows Master P and the No Limit crew to get an appearance on "Back Up Off Me" before closing the album with "Y'all Gone Miss Me".

While this album is not Snoop's best, it takes the crown as the 3rd best album in his catalog, just under Doggystyle and R&G. It is a very good album, with solid production and vibes all the way. Revisit this dope album and keep showing love to the West Coast.



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