The Underrated: Warren G- Regulate..... G Funk Era

By @TrueGodImmortal 

1. Regulate
2. Do You See
3. Gangsta Sermon 
4. Recognize 
5. Super Soul Sis 
6. 94 Ho Draft
7. So Many Ways 
8. This D.J. 
9. This Is The Shack 
10. What's Next 
11. And Ya Don't Stop
12. Runnin With No Breaks 

As the DAR West Coast Week comes to an end, it would be impossible to not discuss one of the more underrated projects from the West in Warren G's solo debut "Regulate...G Funk Era".

With the title track as his first single, backed mostly by a Michael McDonald sample and Nate Dogg doing what he does best, Warren kicks off the album on the right foot. Nate is truly the MVP here on the track with his bridge/verse/hook carrying the entire song. Warren definitely has quotable verses here, but Nate is too flawless on this song and every line is infectious from him. On the smooth "Do You See", the laid back flow of Warren helps to carry the track and sounds perfect for the low riders.

The hilarity of the skit "Gangsta Sermon" leads into the knocking groove of "Recognize", which is one of my favorite songs on this album. The beat is one of those G Funk smooth classic productions. The "Super Soul Sis" track which features Jah Skills is a solid song and also a female MC to spit some dopeness, but is hilariously followed up by the skit "94 Ho Draft", which is short and sweet but quite ironic in album placement.

Now, when the album reaches "So Many Ways", it hits the apex period as this is easily one of the top 3 tracks on the album, and the production is glorious. On "This D.J.", that mood continues, and the smoothness is so undeniable. The vibe is without a doubt greatness and while Warren was never a top lyricist by any stretch, he certainly does his thing on the album and these two songs in particular. The knocking "What's Next" is once again the epitome of G Funk and that's the beauty of this album: it marks the moment in time forever. When I hear this album I can automatically envision the lowriders, the scene in Cali, and it takes me back to that G Funk Era right away.

The album finishes two solid tracks in "And Ya Don't Stop"(which is a G Funk boom bap type of track honestly) and the perfect ending track "Runnin With No Breaks", which that sample is very familiar to the man writing this article(check my Root For the Villain track "One Of Those Days" and see the similarities). This is a dope posse track and closes out the essential G Funk listening experience.

All in all, with over 3 million copies sold and providing a sound for the time and era, this album is a classic to me. When we talk the West Coast, we should always mention this album. Revisit this classic and enjoy. RIP to Nate Dogg. REGULATORS!!!!!



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