WIRTB Review: Yeezus

By @speedonthebeat

I'm going to get the hard stuff out the way early. No, Yeezus was not that bad. However, just like Raury's All We Need, Kanye West's 2013 release was overly ambitious and slightly misdirected. That and it suffered from being overrated because of its abrasive nature.

See, Yeezus is a pretty great presentation of black rage. With songs such as "On Sight," "New Slaves," and "Black Skinhead," Kanye utilizes industrial instrumentation to showcase how pissed off he is about "the system." Those songs are a blend of what makes people love Mr. West and what makes people pay attention to him. They're conscious and outlandish. I mean, not too many artists can get away with talking about putting their black member into some random white woman's body and be taken seriously.

The only thing about that is this: for every "On Sight," we have a "Bound 2" or "Hold My Liquor." Yes, the best albums are a mix of popular music and thinking-man's tracks. This is why To Pimp a Butterfly is quite possibly the album of the year for 2015. However, Kanye West dropped the ball on Yeezus. The popular songs feel quite out of place on this alternative, angry presentation of what's screwed up with our society. Additionally, you can only take Kanye but so seriously about being down for the people when he comes out and debuts fashion pieces that the average person can't afford, much less the average black person in America.

But musically? Eh, it's an alright album that gets thrown off its course for greatness by not really knowing whether it wants to be a statement piece, a spiritual sequel to the vastly-superior MBDTF, or "old Kanye" with "new Kanye" enlightenment.


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