DAR Roundtable: Mobb Deep's Hell On Earth vs Murda Muzik

Hell on Earth 

1. Animal Instinct 
2. Drop A Gem On Em 
3. Bloodsport 
4. Extortion 
5. More Trife Life 
6. Man Down 
7. Can't Get Enough Of It 
8. Nighttime Vultures 
9. G.O.D. Pt III
10. Get Dealt With 
11. Front Lines(Hell On Earth)
12. Give It Up Fast 
13. Still Shinin 
14. Apostle's Warning 
15. In The Long Run 


Murda Muzik

1. Intro
2. Streets Raised Me 
3. What's Your Poison
4. Spread Love 
5. Let A Ho Be A Ho 
6. I'm Going Out 
7. Allustrious 
8. Adrenaline 
9. Where Ya From 
10. Quiet Storm 
11. Where Ya Heart At
12. Noyd Interlude 
13. Can't Fuck Wit 
14. Thug Muzik 
15. Murda Muzik 
16. The Realest 
17. U.S.A. (Aiight Then)
18. It's Mine 
19. Quiet Storm(Remix)

Mobb Deep was a must to discuss for DAR East Coast Week, but after already talking the classic Infamous album in a roundtable, we wanted to do something different. Mobb has a trilogy of great to classic albums in The Infamous, Hell On Earth, and Murda Muzik. While The Infamous is widely recognized as their best, some have said Hell On Earth or Murda Muzik is right there after. Today, we compare the two albums and see which one is better. Let's get started.

OK. I can't even say anything other than Hell on Earth. I like Murda Muzik. It's a slept-on album. "Quiet Storm" is one of my favorite Mobb songs. I mean, why wouldn't it be? The remix features Mobb Deep at classic era-levels (1996-2003) with Lil' Kim spitting that "real." And the original's video is off-the-wall amazeballs (gangstas doing Matrix backflips for the win). Hell, the album even had a movie based off of it and the sampling on the album is top-notch. However, Hell on Earth wins out.

It's from an era in music that'll never be duplicated (the East/West Coast beef) and, like many albums from that era, it's a classic. It's rugged, but still smooth (something that, in some ways, Murda Muzik misses on as it goes for smoother over having a balance between the two). It's the perfect blend of those sparse atmospheric beats, sample-heavy production, and lyricism that's top-notch. Additionally, "Drop a Gem on 'Em" and the hidden track "In the Long Run." And those aren't even the strongest songs on the album!

Both are beautiful albums. But Hell on Earth gets the nod definitely for me. I grew up on this album. Classics like More Tribe Life are stapled in Hip hop Americana. G.O.D. Pt. III has that Scarface theme mixed with murky drums, and that is just sinister. I like every song on that album. Extortion is my shit along with Still Shinin. Drop A Gem On Em, though not a good Pac Diss, serves as a killer tune in general. Bloodsport is so grimy. The title track showcases Prodigy on some of his most introspective shit. Murda Muzik would have been better if it didn't get leaked as that caused them to switch some tracks. My favorite joint on Murda Muzik is The Realest which is actually the first Alchemist beat the group had. It started a great partnership that became responsible for the grimiest shit in hip hop. Both are beautiful, but I'll give it Hell On Earth hands down.

Hell On Earth. Murda Muzik. Two classics by the greatest duo of all time, Mobb Deep. It wasn't really that tough of a choice, though it did took some thought, but Hell On Earth wins this battle. Improvement was shown lyrically, and the production was slightly better on this album. "G.O.D Pt. III" & "Animal Instinct" are my favorite tracks off the album. Murda Muzik was a pretty good album, with "Quiet Storm" being my favorite track of course, but it didn't really match the hunger Hell On Earth did. It did however proved to be the duo's most successful album commercially. But Hell On Earth for me.

It was legit a tough choice for me because Murda Muzik was legit a great album. I think the leak definitely altered the album and what came with it to an extent but it was still a great album nonetheless. However, it is very tough to overlook the greatness of Hell On Earth, which quietly is my personal favorite Mobb album. Extortion, Bloodsport, Give It Up Fast and a few others are amazing tracks and the production is dark and sinister throughout. Prodigy was lyrically still in his prime and the music was timeless East Coast official rap. However, Murda Muzik saw the beginning of the Mobb and Alchemist partnership and one of my top 5 Mobb Deep songs is "The Realest". Alchemist made a beautiful track and Kool G appears on it to spit that Queens shit with Mobb. "Quiet Storm" is a classic as is the Nas assisted "It's Mine", however when making a choice between the two, I have to give a slight edge to Hell On Earth. Both albums are extremely dope however.

What would be your choice? Post it in the comments below.



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