Discography Check: The Best Rap-A-Lot Albums

By @TrueGodImmortal 

The Rap-A-Lot brand means so much to Hip Hop and Texas alone that it would be virtually impossible to have a DAR Texas Week without discussing the iconic label. What we wanted to do was provide a list of some of the best albums to be released from Rap-A-Lot and why they were important. Without further adieu, let's get into it.

*Ghetto Boys- Making Trouble

-Before they added Willie D and Scarface, and before they dropped the H and extra T, this was the debut album from the group. Members included Sire Jukebox and Johnny C, who would eventually be replaced. Bushwick Bill was pretty much still one of the leaders at this time.

*Geto Boys- Grip It! On That Other Level

-With Scarface(known as Akshen then)in the group along with Willie D, the Geto Boys set out to make a violent and misogynistic record that would gain headlines. Like the purpose of the content anyways, this album would be the breakthrough for them and feature dope tracks such as "Gangsta of Love", "Let A Ho Be A Ho", and "Mind Of A Lunatic" just to name a few. This album is seen as a classic to many. I can understand why.

*Willie D- Controversy 

-This was the solo album from Willie D but it still featured the rest of the Geto Boys on a number of tracks. Aggressive content like "Fuck The KKK", "Bald Headed Hoes", "I Need Some Pussy", and more tracks dominate this album.

*Geto Boys - We Can't Be Stopped 

-Another Geto Boys classic that features the landmark track "Mind Playing Tricks On Me", this was a huge release for the label and the album would end up going platinum. The Geto Boys were truly the focus of Rap-A-Lot at this point and with good reason.

*Scarface- Mr. Scarface Is Back

-This is where the Scarface solo journey began. With classic tracks like "Money and The Power" as well as "Born Killer" and "Diary of a Madman", this was just another dope album in the Rap-A-Lot collection.

*Big Mello- Bone Hard Zaggin

-The debut album from Big Mello is extremely slept on and features dope tracks "Creepin In A Lac" and "Symptoms of a Crook". A solid effort and a departure from the Geto Boys centered music.

*5th Ward Boyz- Ghetto Dope

-The debut album from the collective features dope tracks like "Studio Gangster", "Thanks For the Blessing", and "Same Ol Shit". Still bumps to this day as well.

*Scarface- The World Is Yours 

-Still known as Mr. Scarface technically at the time, Scarface released this dope album, though not as acclaimed as his debut, it was still a solid effort and made a splash on the charts featuring songs such as "Let Me Roll" and "The Wall". The album would be certified gold.

*Odd Squad- Fadanuf Fa Erybody! 

-The debut album from this collective was a very fun listen and of course we all know that Odd Squad spawned the career of the legendary Devin The Dude. This album features the hilarious tracks "Hoes With Babies", "Your Pussy's Like Dope" as well as the smoker anthem, aptly titled "Smokin Dat Weed".

*Big Mike- Somethin Serious

-This album spawned the hit track "World of Mind", while featuring a classic on "Havin Thangs" featuring the legendary Pimp C. A definite slept on album in the Rap-A-Lot collection.

*Scarface- The Diary 

-I'm trying to avoid putting all of Scarface's albums in this and since we just did the Untouchable review this week, I'll not include this. We compared this album on our site before and this is a classic hands down and arguably his best solo album. "Hand of the Dead Body" and "I Seen A Man Die" help that argument immensely.

*Geto Boys- The Resurrection 

-Their first album in over 3 years, this was seen as one of the best projects from the group and featured great tracks such as "The World Is A Ghetto", "Hold It Down" and more. Another great album in the collection.

*Do Or Die- Picture This

-Now, this album is definitely dope and deserves to be here, but you and I both know that one track solely could be the reason for the inclusion here: this is the album that spawned "Po Pimp". I mean... nuff said.

*Scarface- My Homies

-A huge album that would go on to be certified platinum, this was essentially a double album that spawned the classics "Homies and Thuggs" and of course one of the best Scarface joints "Fuck Faces". This album is Scarface's most non-cohesive project but it's definitely a fun listen all the way through. Nothing but solid joints.

*Devin The Dude- The Dude

-The debut solo album from Devin featuring the classics "Sticky Green" and "Mo Fa Me", this is another dope addition to the collection and a true introduction to the genius mind of Devin (though the Odd Squad let us know already).

*Tela- Now or Never

-Tela was definitely a slept on artist in the Rap-A-Lot movement and this album was no doubt underrated. Classics like "Roll Wit It" and "Table Dance" are featured here.

*Scarface- The Last of a Dying Breed

-I won't say too much about this album, but it is without a doubt a truly solid project from Face and features some amazing tracks like "They Down With Us" and "Conspiracy Theory". Revisit this classic.

*Devin The Dude- Just Tryin Ta Live

-The second solo from Devin, which featured appearances from Nas and Xzibit is an extremely dope project and one of my favorites out the whole Rap-A-Lot collection. Check out "Some of Em" and "Just A Man" with Raphael Saadiq.

*Scarface- The Fix 

-I know.... another Face album. This is my favorite Face album so this has to be mentioned here without a doubt. The album and production are flawless on tracks "Heaven", "My Block" and countless others. Classic album and likely the best album released on Rap-A-Lot.

*Dirty- Love Us Or Hate Us

-This slept on album from this duo featured the dope "I Wish", "Gangsta Wife" and production from R. Kelly even. A great project all around.

*UTP- The Beginning of the End

-Juvenile had left Cash Money again and brought his team to Rap-A-Lot and made this dope album, which featured the huge hit "Nolia Clap", as well as the dope "What's Up". Skip and Wacko did their thing this entire album and kept up with Juvenile for the most part, adding to the dopeness.

*Z-Ro- Let The Truth Be Told

-Now come on. You know this album has to be here. Mo City Don is on this album to kick it off. That alone gets it on this list. Also check the dope "The Mule" with Devin and Juvenile assisting. Dope album.

*Bun B- Trill

-The debut solo album from the other half of the legendary UGK features the classics "Get Throwed" and "Draped Up", which spawned a super large Texas remix. This album is definitely a solid joint and saw Bun at his most focused on the solo tip.

*Pimp C- Pimpalation

-The solo album from the Pimp features some classic tracks such as "Knockin Doorz Down", "Pourin Up" and the slept on "Cheat On Yo Man". Nobody dropped game on these records like the Pimp. RIP.

*Devin The Dude- Waitin To Inhale

-One of my favorite albums from the label, features the classic track "What A Job" featuring Andre 3000 and Snoop Dogg, as well as "Lil Girl Gone" with Lil Wayne and Bun B, and the dope track "Almighty Dollar". Great album.

*Yukmouth- Million Dollar Mouthpiece

-There were a few Yukmouth albums to choose from, but I picked this one. Likely his most slept on of all his projects, this was his last album on Rap-A-Lot and featured one of my favorite songs of his "My Turf".

*Bun B- Trill O.G.

-An album that got 5 mics in the Source, this was another pretty dope solo album from Bun and featured some dopeness like "Right Now" with Pimp, 2Pac and Trey Songz, "Just Like That" with Jeezy and "Put It Down" with Drake. A solid album here.

When talking Texas and their legacy, one can never forget to mention Rap-A-Lot.  If you have any other albums you think need to be on the list, feel free to include them in the comments. Word to J.Prince.



  1. Your list needs a lot of work.

    Too Much Trouble, both albums were dope as fuck.

    The Convicts
    The Terrorists
    OG Style
    Ganksta NIP
    Mr. 3-2
    Blac Monks

    Big Mello's 2nd album WeGoneFunkWichaMind & his 3rd album South Side Story are pure dope.

    Your list is also missing Willie D's Controversy.


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