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Retrospective: The Best Dru Hill Songs

Compiled by @CurlsAndSports, @_Oh_Bee, @SpeedontheBeat, and @TrueGodImmortal 

The Baltimore collective Dru Hill is no doubt one of the best R&B groups of the 1990s. Arriving on the scene officially in 1996, they took the world by storm and managed to release two classic albums before the end of the decade. Despite some members leaving and some changes to the roster, and Sisqo with his solo success, they have still managed to remain a group in spite of countless breakups and reunions. Today, we pay homage to them and talk the best Dru Hill songs here. Let's get into it.

*Tell Me

-The first single and introduction to the group still inspires hilarious dancing, preferably the jump up steps from the video. It's a smooth track and a great song overall, with such an infectious chorus.

-A late night jam designed for your sex playlists, this track is equal parts sultry and aggressive. True 90s late night R&B.

*So Special 
-A ballad of sorts, this is without a doubt one of the best tracks on the self titled debut album from the group.

*Share My World 

-Another soft ballad from the debut album, this a definitely smooth song, as the group sing to the ladies and invite them to spend some time and share in the joy.

*In My Bed (Original and Remix)

-This is an all time classic. Both the original, with the interesting video, and the remix with So So Def putting their stamp on it. This

*I'm Wondering
-Another classic from the group, this one was from their second album Enter the Drum

*How Deep Is Your Love

-Infamous for being on the Rush Hour soundtrack and during the film, this was a truly catchy track and dope song all around.

*You Are Everything
-The original version and the remix are truly dope and a great listen. Can't go wrong with either one.

*All Alone
-Another from the debut album, this was definitely a good song and Woody Rock seems to steal the show here.

*I'll Be The One
-A pick from True, this is an underrated track from the group. Really dope all around.

*April Showers 

-Another song where Woody steals the show. Well put together and extremely dope regardless.

*One Good Reason
-One of my favorite songs personally on the Enter The Dru album. The hook is so infectious and the track is flawless.


-There's no shortage of great songs, but this one in particular is yet another gem in their catalog.


-The ultimate Dru Hill song. I could go on and on about this one but it's a true classic and quite possibly one of the best songs of the 90s.

*These Are The Times

-The hook is still one of my all time favorites. A dope song that once again stands as a true classic. Probably my 2nd favorite song on Enter The Dru.

*5 Steps

-Another iconic song from the group, as they talk about a love lost and reflect on it. The hook is truly glorious and carries the entire song.

*Never Make a Promise
-Another timeless classic. There aren't many songs in the 90s that were as well put together as this one.

*We're Not Making Love No More

-Featured on the Soul Food soundtrack, this extremely dope track was greatness and featured an amazing bridge as well as hook.

*The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)
-A remake of a classic, Dru Hill put a perfect spin on this track. Greatness indeed.

*Xstacy Jones
-The opening track on Dru World Order from 2002 and a dope listen. Nice production as well as vocals.

*I Love You

-The 2002 album Dru World Order was definitely slept on, and this song is my favorite song on the album.

*I Should Be

-The comeback single so to speak, the song introduced a new member and was a true radio hit.

*Never Stop Loving You
-Released on the 2002 Dru World Order album, this was vintage Dru Hill and a great listen.

*Men Always Regret 
-Another one off Dru World Order, this was almost an introspective track on lost love and regrets in relationships and life.

*Love MD
-Now, with their reunion album in 2010 "InDRUpendence Day", there wasn't much good to speak of, but this first single was a very solid track and one of the best off the entire album.

-A rare gem off this 2010 album, Away is a very nice listen and Sisqo as usual carries it with an infectious hook.

*Below Zero
-The production here is smooth and this might be my favorite song off their 2010 album. It's a dope listen.

Have any other songs you would like to add to this list? Put them in the comments below.


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