Retrospective: Jadakiss vs Beanie Sigel

By @TrueGodImmortal 

There are moments in hip hop that last forever and remain important in history. Some albums, some performances, some tracks, are forever etched. One beef that is etched forever in hip hop history is the beef between Jadakiss and Beanie Sigel. While the Jay and Nas beef may have been more hyped and mainstream, the Jada and Beans beef was more for the streets. More for the blocks and the neighborhoods that truly appreciated the mixtapes, freestyles, and competition with bars. Now, Jada and Beans seemed to have been friends or at least associates in earlier years before the beef came about in 2001, and the speculation over the beginning of the beef still runs rampant.

The first sign of what started the beef could be seen as an issue between Jay-Z and DMX. No one knows exactly what caused this particular problem, but it has been alluded to over the years and once they stopped working together musically, speculation grew. It also seemed that there was an issue with Jada and Jay. Now, the true details of what caused a rift between the two are  hard to really come by, but at some point it transferred over to Beans and Jada. There was also speculation that subliminal disses were being sent from both camps before the beef officially started, but one theory is that Jada felt a way about Jay getting on the Mya "Best Of Me" remix (and even the R Kelly "Fiesta" remix), making Jada's verse on the original completely irrelevant at the time. That may have been a starting point, but as Beanie began gaining more attention, there were a lot of comparisons to Jada in style and lyricism to which I believe Jada remarked that he felt some Philly cats were stealing his style.

Now, with this statement, it would seemingly kick off the beef, as shots were sent through random freestyles and verses, and even Kiss took offense to a line Beans said about a car(that Kiss apparently had just bought). Beans says that he wasn't actually dissing Kiss in that line, but tensions were so high that one could see how he felt that way. Beans has gone on record to say the Kiss and Beans beef was basically him taking the charge for Jay and handling business for Jay, since Jay refused to respond anything from that camp it seemed(and apparently apologized to Jada in some form down the line, though some have said his "Sensitive thugs, yall all need hugs" line was directed as The Lox, as Kiss would reference this in his diss to Beans). A DMX and Jada track titled "Un Hunh" would be released where X would seemingly shoot a shot at Jay("I only gave you the crown, so I could shoot off your fucking head"), and Jada would throw shots at Jay("don't try to apologize on your 2-way") and Beans(had to stop eating red meat cause I ate too many Beanie Macs), and while it was included on the August 2001 released Kiss Tha Game Goodbye solo album from Jada, with how the mixing and mastering process was years ago, the song would have had to be recorded at least a month or two prior. However, those were just small chapters into the actual beef. When Jada and Beans dropped their official disses, things got even more heated.

Now, to the actual disses. Beans spits over Jada's own track and jabs at him for about 4 minutes with some of his toughest bars yet. It was featured on a DJ Envy mixtape, and made big waves throughout hip hop when it hit. Some quotes from that diss are:

Fuck the speculation talk over/
Nigga dig this, I'm 'bout to sun kiss like a soda/ 
And make Jay to the mwah/ 
Put his lips on his nine and really kiss the game goodbye/
You bout to really make me hurt you kiss/
Spitting candy bars, this nigga sweeter than a Hershey's kiss/
Got the heat, I'm 'bout to work the fifth/
Off that purple shit/
The reverend got to get a hearse for Kiss/
You broke talkin' 'bout you rocked ya self out/
When I see you, you gon' really wish you knocked ya self out/
Want it with Sig', need the whole Lox to help out/
It's just me, I don't need the Roc to help out/

And I'm talking to Jada/
And any of ya muhfuckin haters/ who don't like me, they wanna put down paper/
Tell em meet me at any arena/
Bring his nina/
I'll spark him up, starch him, leave him stiff like the cleaners/
Niggas got hidden agendas/
We got gats hitting the engines/
A pocket in the coupe of the pigeons/

Yeah, recess over for you playground niggas
Wouldn't shoot up a ladder, slide down a board/
Fuck ya monkey ass bars when I'm swinging this four/
Can't duck when I land shots
Get buried in a sandbox
Sharks in the water can't swim in the pool/
No snacks after school, and my stomach is full/
Gotta bring it to him hard as shit/
I'll kick his ball over the fence to let the nigga know "who yard is this"/
What's funny Jason, really think you grimy too/
And everybody likes you better in that shiny suit/

With these bars, some feel Beans was unstoppable against Jada. However, Jada would respond with a diss over a track that sounded nothing like you'd expect a vicious diss to go over. Jada came strong as well with bars as expected, and this one was premiered by DJ Kay Slay, who of course used this opportunity to talk shit to Envy. Some quotes from Jada's diss are:

Yo when I met you, you was on my dick/
Jigga gave you his old Bentley's, now you on some shit/
And I don't know where they found you son/
But since ya pops ain't around I'mma punish you and ground you son/
And niggas can't stand you Sigel/
Ya flow is mine anyway so don't bite the hand that feed you/

Worst mistake was trying for me/
And you can bring the baby gorilla, with you, he dying for free/ 
And I'm stuntin on a disco beat/
And you'se a fag, ya next rhyme should be on a Sisqo beat/
And I hate Beans but fuck it, Kiss gon eat/
It's me and you, fuck the labels, lets go streets/ 
Ya rap fans need me/
I don't know why this nigga keep talking greasy, when Macs jam easy/
What the fuck was you thinkin nigga?/
Fat stinkin nigga.../
what bitch wanna lay with you?/
Fuck nigga, I could get you merked in a day or two/
No casket, only thing left was a braid or two/
You forget, the reason that you signed to the Roc/
Cause you listened and you watched/ and listened to the Lox/
All it takes is a gun and a bomb/
You got me on tape, Hard Knock Life tour, huggin ya moms/

Now after hearing both disses, it was truly hard to decide who won. For me personally, I had to go with Beans, as his diss was just a bit more vicious and attacked Jada in a way we hadn't seen him attacked before. That takes nothing away from Jada's diss at all, as it is was a classic diss as well, but Beans just edged him on that one. He came with the absolute fire and while I feel he won that round in the beef and subsequently the entire beef, that didn't stop D Block and State Property from sending more shots towards each other, even spawning an infamous line that referenced the recently deceased Aaliyah and her death. Now the controversy was that Styles said that there's one less bitch in a Rocawear coat, while another line had Jada say that he would see to it that you visit your man's girl(referencing Dame Dash and his relationship with Aaliyah at the time of her death). This was seen as going too far by some, but regardless the beef still cooked for months and months following until it eventually fizzled out and was officially squashed.

Beans and Jada seemed to make peace and move on amicably, even doing songs together over the years and performing together, showing that you can battle in hip hop without leading to violence or a casualty. They consider each other friends now, and I'm certain there will be more collabs in the future, but for the sake of the culture, we will continue to reflect on what could be seen as one of the last great beefs in hip hop.



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