The Underrated: R&B Songs Of The 1990s

List compiled by @TheRealSchitty, @_Oh_Bee, @CurlsAndSports and  @TrueGodImmortal

Now, this concept might be confusing at first, or it could be quite simple to you, but let me explain: while we here at DAR love the classics by Maxwell, Jodeci, Boyz II Men, Toni Braxton, Babyface, and the legendary groups and singers from the 90s, the decade was full of classic tracks from lesser heralded groups and singers. Some of these tracks don't get enough credit when discussing the music of the 90s, and we compiled a list of some of our favorite tracks from the decade that are slept on. Some you may recognize as a classic, some you may not be as familiar with it, but regardless, sit back, take a listen and enjoy this playlist of sorts.

*Kut Klose- Get Up On It

-A song that has Keith Sweat fingerprints all over it, this slow and smooth track features Kut Klose at their finest hour (besides their guest appearance on Twisted)

*Eric Gable- Process of Elimination

-A really dope song that almost never gets mentioned. Gable had more hits during the decade but this was one of his most solid.

*Mark Morrison- Trippin

-The "Return of The Mack" creator had more heat and more music to show he was dope.

*Solo- XXtra

-Yet another slept on track from a truly underrated group. This one deserves more credit without a doubt.

*Mint Condition- Good For Your Heart 

-One of the most underrated groups ever lands on this list with one of their slept on gems.

*Zhane- Crush

-Zhane was an underrated group period. You'll likely see them later on within this list. This track was yet another one that truly got slept on. Greatness.

*Anthony Hamilton- I Will Go
-Folks may remember this song from New York Undercover. Yes, Anthony has been around for quite some time, nearly 20 years in the industry believe it or not.

*Alfonzo Hunter ft. Erick Sermon- Just The Way 
-A true smooth track here that doesn't get enough credit at all. The dopeness is absolutely great.

*Brownstone- I Can't Tell You Why 
-Armed with a nice sample, the group of ladies put their stamp on this song.

*Color Me Badd- I Wanna Sex You Up 
-This song would likely seem like it is more popular than it really is, but this one misses a lot of lists discussing the great songs of the 90s. Truly catchy and a fun track nonetheless..

*Silk- Don't Rush

-Likely the dopest Silk track of all time. This song starts off with a truly infectious beginning and bridge, then leads right into the infectious hook as well. I can listen to this song all day.

*Christopher Williams- Dreamin'

-Come on now. "DON'T WAKE ME... I'M DREAMIN....", nuff said. A true classic.

*Jade- Don't Walk Away 

-Another girl group that shouldn't be forgotten is Jade. This song was about reassuring love. The ladies let their men know that there is a safe haven in their relationship and there's nothing to be afraid of. I live for music like this that not only has lyrics with substance, but also a beat that can't be ignored. Give me 90s R&B over what's out now any day.

*Soul For Real- Candy Rain 

-This song is iconic but for some reason, to me at least, it doesn't get enough credit or love. Infectious, smooth and a fun listen. Can't beat that.

*Soul For Real- Every Little Thing I Do

-Now, I have both "Candy Rain" and this on the list. I think the group itself is totally slept on and this is truly evidence of that. This song is flawless and inspires dancing regardless.

*Hi-Five- I Like The Way (Kissing Game)

-This is truly a classic, but I don't hear enough people giving it the credit it deserves. The hook is so infectious here.

*AZ Yet- Last Night

-This Babyface penned classic, still drops the panties on a late night. This is an incredible song that had to have been written after a session. No doubt in my mind. That good pu.... err...loving will do that to you.

*Jesse Powell- You 

-A true wedding song. This one was without a doubt his strongest moment and remains to be one of the most heartfelt 90s songs.

*Chico Debarge and Joe- No Guarantee Remix

-Now, this one??? Man this is that classic!!! The song and the lyrics are so real and honest. A departure from the standard "I'll do anything for you if I can baby" music, this was true greatness and raw music.

*Ideal- Get Gone 

-Probably my favorite song on this entire list. The breakup anthem definitely is truly a fun listen, but expresses enough anger and hurt to make you truly feel the music.

*Profyle- Liar
-This song was another full of hurt from brothers dealing with a woman who wasn't being upfront and real. Great song and beautifully sung though some parts of the video were hilarious.

*Tyrese- Lately 
-The soft melody. The amazing singing. This is a timeless classic track. One of the best in the entire 90s.

*Johnny Gill- There You Go

-A classic off the Boomerang soundtrack, this might be Johnny's best song period. Flawless music here.

*Faith Evans- Kissing You
-This one from the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack was one of my favorites because of the lyrics alone.

*Tony Terry- With You

-He was what we'd call a one hit wonder, but his jewel always makes you feel in love.

*Groove Theory- Tell Me
This song was captivating with lines like "Love has always had a way of having bad timing." We were blessed with songs that were relatable.

*Tevin Campbell- Back To The World
-Jokes aside, this is a truly dope song. Tevin had plenty of hits, but this is one that was truly slept on.  

*Brownstone- If You Love Me
-The girls kept it as real as can be with "If You Love Me." They capitalized on how people who are in relationships should be more open and honest. For current fans, you recognize this sample in the Tory Lanez hit "Say It".

*SWV- Rain 

-This song is great. It is also completely filthy haha and that's what makes it so special. 90s R&B and sex metaphors always win.

*Keith Washington- Kissing You

-This one is the personification of smooth. Perfect late night playlist joint for you and your lady. No doubt about it.

*Zhane- Groove Thang

-The underrated duo killed this track without a doubt. This song is my favorite from them. It could still get a party going.

*Eric Benet and Tamia- Spend My Life With You

-Another song that's perfect for weddings and just overall a great love song. Eric Benet made a lot of great music to be honest. There's a few others of his that could hit this list.

The Tony Rich Project- Nobody Knows
-A great song here. One that was basically all Babyface, from the background vocals, production, etc and it worked.

Have more suggestions? We welcome them. The 90s R&B catalog is so extensive, we know you have more selections and choices to add to this list. Post them below in the comments.



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