The Underrated: Redman

By @TrueGodImmortal 

Continuing on with DAR East Coast week, after we stopped in Philadelphia to talk a classic Freeway album, before we make our way to New York, the mecca, we decided to stop in Jersey to talk about the Brick City general, Redman. A Def Jam veteran, Def Squad member and one of the more entertaining rappers from the 90s, the man born Reggie Noble has managed to maintain a symbol of relevance in various ways the last few decades.

After his first appearance on the EPMD album "Business As Usual", Red truly would kick off his career in an official manner with his debut solo album "Whut? Thee Album" in 1992. The tracks "Time 4 Sum Aksion", "Blow Your Mind", and "A Day Of Soopaman Luva" introduced fans to the creative and comedic MC and allowed fans to see what his strengths were. The album would be certified gold and was mostly produced by Redman himself, showing that he was not only a great MC, but he was also a dope producer.

Apparently after a really dark time in his life, Red released the "Dare Iz A Darkside" album in 1994, which was met with mixed reviews, but regardless he was still able to showcase what he does best despite never looking back on that album too much. However, as 1996 neared a close, we witnessed Red regain true form with the classic "Muddy Waters album". Splitting the production duties between himself, Erick Sermon and upcoming producer(at the time) Rockwilder, the album sounded like a fresher Redman with his core strengths as a MC still in tact. Tracks like "Da Bump" and "Soopaman Luva 3" were some of the dopest on there and Red had momentum building as Muddy Waters ended up being certified gold in just 2 months.

With Red fully in the driver's seat, he took part in the Def Squad group album before releasing his most successful solo album to date, "Doc's da Name 2000", which hit platinum plus off the strength of the classic single "I'll Bee Dat" and "Let Da Monkey Out". As if reaching solo platinum success wasn't enough, Red combined with friend and Wu-Tang legend Method Man to create a collab album "Blackout!"(originally Amerikaz Most Blunted but the title was of course changed) that would nearly strike double platinum off the strength of "Da Rockwilder" and "Y.O.U.", allowing Red to enjoy a nice run of consistent albums and success in sales. Red would soon take his partnership with Meth and turn it into a movie, the cult classic "How High", adding something else to his resume. Red was also infamously featured on MTV Cribs in a hilarious episode that has to be seen to be believed.

After the release of his 2001 album "Malpractice", which nearly went platinum, Red took a break from solo albums to focus more on his growing Gilla House crew and budding label. Unfortunately that didn't materialize too much for him, and neither did Fox TV's attempt to make the Meth and Red dynamic into an actual sitcom. Despite these mishaps, Red would bounce back in 2007 with his "Red Gone Wild: The Album", before releasing the sequel "Blackout 2!" with Meth in 2009 and his most recent solo album "Reggie" in 2010 before announcing Muddy Waters 2 and a new album titled "Mudface" along with the sequel to the How High film with Meth and a possible Blackout 3! album. Only time will tell if we actually get those, but with his appearance in the BET Hip Hop Awards 2015 Ciphers, he seems to poised to have a comeback on the horizon. Regardless, Redman is a dope MC, a legend, and one of the influences of some of the most popular rappers of the 2000s(Eminem, Ludacris, etc...) He should be recognized as such.



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