DAR Classic Sports Rivalries: NFL- San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys

Now, in the NFL, there are many rivalries that have occurred over some time, a few more intense than others. One rivalry that remains one of our favorites is the NFC rivalry between the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. Birthed in the 70s, but more intense in the 90's, this rivalry was one of a kind. Today, we reflect on it.

One of the greatest rivalries in the NFL is the one between the Cowboys and the 49ers. Although their rift stems back to early in their history, one of the most exciting times for this rivalry was during the 90s.

Troy Aikman and Steve Young saw much success during this time. Their teams met three consecutive times for the NFC Championship. The Cowboys went on to win the Super Bowl twice after these matchups then the 49ers had their moment in the sun. Currently, these two teams have 5 Super Bowl trophies to boast.

While the quarterbacks had similiar accomplishments, their records weren't the same. Aikman is 3-0 in Super Bowls and that gave Cowboys fans an edge over the San Francisco team. Troy was the quarterback who would shine under pressure whereas Young would fall.

Another factor that added fuel to the rivalry's fire was the fact that some of the players won a ring with both teams. San Fran leads the all time record with 17-16-1. They'll meet again in 2017 for the best show on turf.

The 49ers vs Cowboys rivalry started in the 70s, but got popular in the 90s when they met 3 times in a row in the NFC championship. Dallas won the first two times and San Fransisco won the third time. Each of the winners went on to win the Super Bowl. 49ers leads the overall series 17-16-1. San Francisco leads the overall series, but in the playoffs Dallas is leading the series 4-2. The Cowboys surprised a lot of people when they came to San Francisco and beat the 49ers, 30-20, in the 1992 NFC Championship Game. The next year, the solid Cowboys were the favorites and they knew it. In the second game, there was a pregame fight, but that was all the fight the 49ers could put up as Dallas won easily. San Francisco would finally have its revenge the following year when it took advantage of Cowboys turnovers and held on for a 38-28 win. A legendary rivalry.

Cowboys and the 49ers share a very historical rivalry as during the 90's, both teams were very dominant and often met up in the playoffs, like the Giants-49ers rivalry. Both are now dead, but as a Giants fan, it's still fuck the 49ers, and Cowboys of course.

Now let's get to the rivalry.
Both share the same amount of Super Bowl rings with 5 a piece, and neither hasn't won any in 2 decades. However, the 49ers made an appearance in Super Bowl XlVII, only to lose to the Baltimore Ravens, 34-31. The team was led by Colin Kaepernick, who is now a loser. This rivalry started in about the early 70's, as they played each other in the postseason very often. The Cowboys won the first two playoff games, first being an NFC championship game, and next being a Divisional round game. Then, in a 1981 NFC championship game, a great play would happen. Joe Montana was the quarterback at the time, and he threw a pass to Dwight Clark in the final minute for the game winning touchdown, and that play is now known as "the catch". The rivalry cooled down later in the 80's, but re-intensed in the 90's. They played each other in 3 consecutive NFC championship games, Dallas taking the first two, San Francisco winning the third. When won, all went on to win the super bowl. It was a very great rivalry due to both teams being so great with great players. I'd like to see it get heated again soon.

This rivalry was my favorite during the 90s. The level of competition between Steve Young and Troy Aikman, the prowess of Emmitt Smith, not to mention the infamous catch during the 1982 NFC Championship game. Both the 49ers and the Cowboys were true forces in football during this period and it would show during their rivalry, which spawned some amazing playoff games, was always a hot ticket for NFL fans during this period. While the rivalry has cooled off some now, it's still a viable rivalry and could heat up again going forward.

With no Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, or Steve Young, the games will never be the same, but there is a possibility that the rivalry could be reignited if the 49ers get their QB and core offense strong again, and Romo stays healthy. Regardless, this was one of the beat rivalries ever in the NFL and a personal favorite.

Have opinions on this classic NFL Rivalry? Post them in the comments section below.



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