DAR Gaming: Batman and Final Fantasy 7 Remake News

By @peagle05 

*A New Batman Game On the Horizon

-Telltale Games, the studio that has given us the excellent Walking Dead series, Game of Thrones and The Wolf Among Us games, has recently announced that they are taking on one of the most popular superheroes in the world: Batman. This is cause for excitement as Telltale's ability to craft a story fits perfectly with a comic book property. Over the years, the Batman comics have given us some of the best stories in Comics period. It will be interesting to see the direction they go with their style of gameplay. Telltale's games are very choice driven and it could lend itself well to telling a story of Batman as a detective. One of the big questions is, how they handle villains in the game. Do they go with one central villain over the course of the season, or is there one villain per episode? Personally, I'd like to see a long form story that focuses solely on one villain. The obvious choice for the first season would be The Joker, but I could see a long build up over multiple seasons that leads to an eventual showdown with Joker. Whichever direction they choose to take, I'm implement confident Telltale will not disappoint.

*A Remake Of Final Fantasy 7?

So after multiple teases and the fan outcry for years, we are finally getting the Final Fantasy 7 remake. I, for one, am excited to see it in gloriously unnecessary HD. Here's the issue: Gamers are NOTORIOUSLY whiny when it comes to nostalgia. SCREW. NOSTALGIA. Let's get this out the way now, FF7 will not only feature a brand new battle system, but will be split up into multiple parts. This will undoubtedly upset some, but these are necessary changes to bring the game to the new era of consoles. The problem with this game is quite simply, Square Enix is damned if they do and damned if they don't. They give us the game and people will complain that it's not the exact same game, not understanding the concessions and changes that come with bringing a game that's 4 console generations old to the current gen consoles. If they never made it, there would be complaints about never seeing it. (looking at you Sony teasing us with the Crash Bandicoot shirt) The next few months will be interesting as I'm sure we'll slowly get more info on the game. I can honestly say, I'm looking forward to the new direction this game goes. It seems to be the right blend of something new and what we were all familiar with in the PS1 days.



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