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It's DAR Sports Week, so you know we had to bring you one of the infamous top 5 lists, this time for basketball. Today, we discuss the top 5 Point Guards of all time. Our criteria varies for deciding who makes the list, so some of us have different choices, but of course that's the beauty of this anyways. Different opinions and choices based on personal criteria. Without further adieu, let's begin.

My list might shock some people, but here are my top 5 point guards of all time.

1. Magic Johnson

-The GOAT point guard. Nothing else needs to be said.

2. Steve Nash

-Nash was, to me, what the perfect point guard should be. Incredible court vision and he had no problem scoring as well.

3. Isaiah Thomas

-Not the most intimidating player on the court, but he was definitely one of the toughest. Truly amazing when he took it to the rim.

4. Rajon Rondo

-This one may make people question my sanity, however after watching Rondo for many years, I have to include him. He gets triple-doubles on the regular and his vision is unmatched in the NBA today, in my opinion.

5. Muggsy Bogues

-Muggsy is someone I truly consider as one of the most amazing players of all time because of how he did what he did against the odds. A great passer and perimeter defender, he was incredibly fast, also had a 44" vertical and believe it or not, 39 career blocks. The Hornets career leader in assists, the 5'3 guard is a legend in his own right. I mean, come on, he once blocked the 7ft Patrick Ewing. True great.

Here are my top 5 Point Guards of all time.

*Gary Payton

-Gary was one of four point guards to be named Defensive Player of the Year. His career spanned from 1990 to 2007 and during that time, “The Glove” averaged 18.9 points per game. On top of that, he had one of the loudest mouths on the court. His trash talking was right up there with his defending ability. Scoring was just the icing on the cake.

*Magic Johnson

-It’s simply impossible to leave Magic Johnson out of this conversation. His thirteen seasons with the Lakers weren’t at all in vain. He racked up 17,707 points and 6,559 rebounds in his entire career. He was inducted twice into the Basketball Hall of Fame and achieved more than many players can say they have. In 2007, he was rated the greatest point guard of all time.

*Jason Kidd

-Jason Kidd was named Rookie of the Year in his first season with the Mavs. After being on two different teams, he returned to Dallas to win his only championship in 2011. When he retired, he was third in league history for regular season triple-doubles and second in career assists and steals.

*Chris Paul

-I want Chris Paul to get the ring he deserves. I enjoy watching him play. Since 2005, he’s averaged 18.6 points per game. He’s earned Rookie of the Year, eight All-Star appearances, and two Olympic gold medals. Although relatively short for the NBA, he still stands as one of the leaders in assists and steals in the league.

*Tony Parker

-Tony is a part of one of the most fundamentally solid teams I’ve seen in quite some time. Parker’s seen six All-Star games and was named the 2007 Finals MVP. He’s honed his own style of play under Popovich's program. He’s improved his consistency in the game over time. In 2012, Tony’s 4,477 assists made way for him as the franchise’s all-time leader.

Here's my list:

*Isiah Thomas

-2x champ. Original bad boys. Has a bad rap from his front office days, but as a player he's definitely on the list.

*Magic Johnson 

-Best point of all time. 4x champ. Mogul, icon.

*Jason Kidd

-Can't deny his numbers and he has a few finals appearances and a ring. Overall, I think he's the most mentally sharp point guard of all time.

*John Stockton

-All time assist leader. The prototype of a point guard.

*Gary Payton

-One of the most underrated guards of all time. He's a champion, but not quite first ballot HOF.

All five of my choices made their marks in their own ways. If you're not sure how, Google is a wonderful thing, as I don't need to bore you with long spiels about each.

*Allen Iverson

*Magic Johnson

*Oscar Robertson

*Jerry West

*Steve Nash

Top 5 Point Guards of all time. This is an interesting one because there's so many ways to look at it as far as best pure PG, best PG scorer, etc. Let's get to it.

5. Steve Nash

-A very efficient player. Great scorer, great passer, and an unbelievable career FT percentage. 2 MVP's as well. Unfortunate he never got his ring.

4. John Stockton

-The most pure PG ever. A great passer. The all time leader in assists which will be an impossible record to break.

3. Jason Kidd

-A stat padder and very efficient. Could score, rebound, pass, set up plays, racked up steals, he could do it all. A triple double machine too.

2. Oscar Robertson

-1961 season. Discussion over.

1. Magic Johnson

-The greatest of all. No need for an explanation, and if you need one, go watch his tapes.

My choices were tough. I love the game of basketball and picking my top 5 Point Guards of all time was a bit of a challenge. I only picked the ones who I have vivid recollection of and saw them play over the years, whether through live games or replays on NBA. I didn't include Iverson because he could alternate too easily between the 1 and 2, I didn't watch Robertson play personally or many highlights but I know he is one of the greatest, just not in my personal top 5. Steve Nash just missed the cut for me personally as well, but he's one of the best.

*Magic Johnson 

-This was a no brainer. Magic was without a doubt the best point guard of all time to me. Championships, MVPs, and all around great game that cannot be matched by any other point guard. Hands down.

*Isiah Thomas

-Zeke is one of the greatest point guards. Led the Bad Boys era Pistons and showcased a higher level of talent. He is my personal favorite point guard of all time to be honest.

*John Stockton

-This man exemplified what it meant to be a point guard. With the leading number of assists all time, Stockton was a key to the Utah Jazz success during the 90s.

*Gary Payton 

-The Glove. One of the more underrated players of the era he was in, but he deserves to be on this list. Hands down.

*Jason Kidd

-It came down to Kidd or Chris Paul for me. Paul is on his way to becoming top 5 of all time for point guards, but as of now, I still have Kidd over him. Steve Nash was creeping up on this spot too, but I had to give it the 5th spot to Kidd.

Who are your choices? Tell us in the comments below and join the conversation.



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