DAR Sports Roundtable: Best WRs of All Time

It is DAR Sports Week, and as always, we want to bring you fun articles. Today, we gathered the team to kick off the week right with a look at the best wide receivers of all time. Some of us picked 5, others picked 3 receivers. Regardless, of how many you pick, I know this list will get some people talking. Let's get into it.

All these receivers I am about to list were just fantastic and made big impacts for each team they played for. Amazing hands, crazy speed, and could jump like no other to make plays for the ball. None of the receivers now can compare to these guys. Each made their QB look good, no matter who it was.

*Michael Irvin

*Jerry Rice

*Terrell Owens

*Randy Moss

*Marvin Harrison

Here are my three all time receivers:

*Terrell Owens 

-Affectionately known as T.O., Terrell Owens is one of the best receivers to touch the field. For a moment, let's just look at his athleticism and not his attitude.
T.O. was one of those receivers you looked forward to watching. His speed and build worked gracefully to his advantage. With 1,006 receptions under his belt and 14,951 receiving yards in his back pocket, it's hard to ignore his talent.

*Michael Irvin 

-Another notable Dallas receiver is the one and only Playmaker. Michael Irvin's off-field antics got as much attention as T.O.'s but his performance on the field was gold. Under coach Jimmy Johnson, Irvin went on to win three Super Bowls with his team. He accumulated  11,904 receiving yards in Dallas despite his real life issues. Irvin was exciting to watch and his energy carries on as a mentor for current players.

*Randy Moss

-I'd be absolutely remiss if I don't mention Randy Moss. What other player became a verb because of his performance? Simply put - the man is fun to watch. He makes a 70 yard touchdown look easy. No matter the coverage, he was dependable. As a student of the game, he knew how to make plays effectively while giving his defender hell. While I'm enjoying this new era of wide outs, these three deserve the accolades they receive.

My list is quite simple.

*Jerry Rice

-The GOAT enough said.

*Randy Moss

-Even without a ring he is still the second best receiver of all time.

*Terrell Owens 

-He's a clown, but in my opinion, he is the 3rd best receiver of all time. His stats prove it and should be a Hall of Famer even without a ring. Multiple pro bowler

*Cris Carter 

-All time TD leader. The man with the second best hands to ever play.

*Larry Fitzgerald 

-The man is a sure fire Hall of Famer. Multiple pro bowls, very consistent with multiple 1000 yard seasons, even with the bad quarterbacks he had had since Kurt Warner. Carson Palmer, I'm excluding from that list of bad QBs of course.

My Top 5 WR's of All Time.

1. Jerry Rice

-I don't think an explanation is necessary.

2. Randy Moss

-One of the most electrifying wide receivers of all time. The guy was 6'4 yet so damn fast. The guy had one of the most historic performances ever as well. 3 catches, 163 yards, 3 TD's. That's very impressive. I would put Moss at #1 because I was able to catch him play, but that's disrespectful to Rice. It's unfortunate he never won a Super Bowl despite monster seasons with Minnesota and going twice with the Patriots & 49ers.

3. Steve Largent

-Yeah, he played way before my time, but there's the Internet for a reason. Watching his old tapes, it  amazed me how he was so great with no gloves at the time. Bare hands and he caught the ball very well.13,000+ yards 100 TD' and almost 820 catches, with no elite QB. Ever.

4. Marvin Harrison

-He was a nightmare. He formed a very dangerous QB/WR duo with Peyton Manning. The guy had terrific hands and great route running skills, which is something I like alot in WR's. If you can't run routes great at a fast pace, I don't want you on my team.

5. Terrell Owens

-153 TD's, 1,000+ catches, 15,000+ yards. He was a great athlete and very fast. Good thing he never got that ring with the Eagles. Fuck the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here are my picks.

*Jerry Rice

-I mean how can you not go with Jerry Rice? He is essentially the greatest that we've seen. There's some other legend WRs, but Jerry Rice takes the no. 1 spot.

*Randy Moss

-We all have similar lists and this doesn't deviate from that, as Randy Moss is yet another who deserves to be on this list. All time legend.

*Lynn Swann 

-Surprised no one else picked him. Hands down, one of the greatest receivers of all time.

*Terrell Owens

-A cry baby, hard to take serious, but that doesn't take away from his amazing talent. Terrell was simply one of the best. Hands down.

*Andre Reed

-This is purely my opinion and while I debated on putting Irvin, Harrison, Largent, Tim Brown, Carter, or even Issac Bruce in this spot, I had to go with the greatest Buffalo Bills receiver in history.

What about you? What are your choices? Write them below in the comments section.



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