DAR TV Roundtable: The Wayans Bros.

This will be a controversial one to an extent. A lot of people aren't fans of this television show. Some people don't feel as if the Wayans Family was ever that funny to begin with. Regardless, we gathered the team up to discuss this show and the impact of it. Let's get started.

We're brothers. We're happy and we're singing and we're colored *trumpet sounds*, gimme a high five! That's probably one of my favorite intros to a TV show. The Wayans Bros was somewhat short lived and its a shame because the show was insanely funny. The dynamic of the cast members was perfect. How Shawn and Marlon argued or spoke to each other reminds me of how I speak to my brother. But to me, I connected with that show because while growing up, I didn't see any minority shows besides the novelas (soap operas) my parents watched. Now as an adult, I appreciate the show more because of it's original comedy. When I see newsstands, I sometimes think of the show, because both brothers were entrepreneurs, although it was Shawn who owned it. Good thing for certain channels that still air it.

Wayans Brothers was an underrated black comedy from the 90's. Although it started off slow initially in the 1st two seasons with a few hit or miss episodes, a few character changes and occasional awkward 1 liners, season 3 came out with a bang and they started trending upward. What I liked about that season was you saw Shawn take more of a business mindset and start acting on his dreams and aspirations. Marlon even tried to come up in an unconventional way. Also, there was the start of a more consistent cast and as the seasons continued, the chemistry and show improved. Pops was the most consistently funny character on the show in my opinion, as he would always come with a random hilarious line, of course his "bang bang bang" catchphrase, outlandish shirts, tough love and hidden gems he would drop whenever his sons needed advice. That was an underrated part of the show too. Dee was a nice addition to the show as well and the secondary characters TC and Dupree were good example of having friends that were into shady shit and lowkey criminals. Not too many shows were bold enough to have that so blatant near the main characters. Although season 3 was the breakthrough for this show, I feel season 4 was the best. They had the funniest episodes and a good amount of them had meaning behind them as well. My favorite 1 liners on this show was when they would compare random extras on the show to celebrities they looked like. Season 5 had dope episodes too, but the show got cancelled 1 episode before syndication and they didn't get a proper final episode, although the boxing episode with Roy Jones Jr. was funny. Marlon Wayans later stated they had 5 more seasons written up.

My favorite 2 episodes are "Help A Brother Out" from season 4 when Marlon studies a homeless guy who hung around the diner for a role he wants to audition for and eventually gets his role instead of Marlon. A lot of funny lines and scenes transpired there. Even the subtle things such as Reggie having a car alarm on his shipping cart, the brothers putting car fresheners on him, this episode had meaning to it.

"Unspoken Token" was from season 4 as well. Shawn found out he was just hired for a government contract and took objection to it. Although they had a hilarious parody of Good Times while Shawn was dreaming, the end had an ironic twist at the end as a minority and blasted the hiring manager for his racism.

Season 3 and 4 were the best, but things got ended too soon. All in all, Wayans Brothers was a product of going against a lot of competition with other black comedies, but it held its own for 5 seasons and produced classic episodes. I have to show love to the episode where Shawn and Marlon were big brothers and Shawn picked an ex con teenager as his project. That was hysterical as well. Shawn telling him to go after a girl by saying "women love rough necks, and you got 3 of em" had me in tears when I first heard it. Quality show with multiple funny characters that got ended too soon IMO.

Signature moment of the show pops reciting when my love goes bang bang bang
Pops Williams & Temptones Bang Bang Bang:

In my opinion, the Wayans Bros. was one of those shows that you either loved or hated. Not everybody jumped on the Wayans train. But I enjoyed it.

Shawn and Marlon Wayans created a sitcom based on two brothers. John Witherspoon (famous on "Friday") starred as their father. Marlon was the silly younger brother and Shawn, the mature oldest. Working and living together wasn't always easy for them. But we saw how they survived and reminded us to keep family first.

I can't say that I have just one favorite episode of their show. While it was entertaining, it didn't have the same lasting effect as some of the other sitcoms during that time.

While there were several cameos from celebrities we can easily identify, there wasn't much to go crazy over with this show. Don't get me wrong - when it airs, I'll watch. But I can't quote it like I can the Jamie Foxx show. Overall, it was added to the collection of pieces that shed a little more light on our community. The Wayans family is unforgettable and you can't mention them without this show.

The Wayans Bros. was a moderately popular show that managed enough ratings to last 5 seasons and 101 episodes. The show got cancelled right as it hit syndication and it's still being played on various channels years later. A lot of people aren't sold on the Wayans brand of comedy and I truly understand this and why. The Wayans brand of comedy can be a bit campy, cheesy, and overblown at times. However, on their show, it seemed that once they hit season 2/3, they really found their stride. My favorite episode had to be Pops and the Temptones getting back together and performing that classic "when my love.... goes bang bang bang... you better run for cover, you sweet little thang... that's my bell baby you just rang... it's my love going bang bang bang...". That episode is a pure classic without a doubt.

Another classic episode was Bernie Mac as Shank, a street hustler who was trying to force Marlon into marrying his sister. Bernie was classic as always and Marlon with his brand of comedy was hilarious. A young True used to always laugh at Marlon saying "make it hot!", and I still find that hilarious for some reason. As season 3 ended and Marlon got an opportunity to go on tour with Keith Sweat for a play, nothing could compare to the hilarity during this episode. Marlon was on his A game here, and his impersonation of Keith Sweat during the end was spot on and over the top that it has me laughing just thinking about it.

Who could forget the En Vogue episode? The one where Marlon and Shawn go on Jerry Springer? Or Marlon with his hilarious role on "Everybody Loves Everybody", as Lucious(before Terrance Howard haha)? These were classic moments and despite a slow start early on in the show, they picked up the pace for sure. The Wayans Bros. isn't a top 5 black sitcom, but it deserves more credit than people give it. That's for sure.

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