Retrospective: The Best PS2 Games Of All Time

By @TrueGodImmortal 

I believe that Playstation 2 is the greatest system of all time. Hands down it is the greatest console with nothing but greatness to show for it. Managing to survive for years after the next gen console came after it, PS2 remains my all time favorite console and is simply the greatest. Groundbreaking, revolutionary, PS2 changed the face of gaming and today we talk some of the best PS2 games of all time.

*Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 

-GTA was the franchise to be excited for with PS2 and while this edition had its flaws, Vice City was still a treat to play. The whole Miami-inspired atmosphere was fun to roam around in.

*WWE Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain 

-One of the greatest wrestling games ever, and one of the most fun games to play on the console ever, HCTP features a ton of characters and an amazing amount of matches and some fun modes.


-While some didn't like this game, this First Person Shooter was extreme fun. Nothing like a game with precision and detail regarding its weapons and destruction.

*Spiderman 2

-I personally enjoy all the Spiderman related games, but this one was truly my favorite. Web-swinging, along with a nicely paced story and fun missions made this game true greatness.

*Midnight Club 3

-I really enjoy racing games. Add in a game that features a bit of a story(an underground driver earning cash in different areas), and you've got a game full of great fun. This was a great alternative to the NASCAR and Gran Turismo games.


-Anyone looking for controversy? Well, you've found it. This game upon release received so much flack and criticism, but in essence it was superb. A game that was equal parts fun yet sadistic, Bully was a game that took risks and watched those risks pay off.

*Burnout 3: Takedown 

-The Burnout franchise is truly loved, but the third game is without a doubt the shining moment for it. With more features and better gameplay, this edition was the best of the series.

*The Warriors

-When this game was first announced, admittedly I was skeptical. I had saw the movie years before and was curious as to why they did a game based on such an older movie. However, the game was in good hands with Rockstar, and spiced with just enough mayhem and brutal violence to make this game one of my favorites.

*NBA Street Vol 2

-You already know the deal. NBA Street was a fun series period, but the 2nd installment is the one you needed. Packed with a ton of great features, moves, and the be a legend mode, this game is one of my favorite NBA games ever.

*The Mark of Kri

-A game that I felt was a tad slept on, this featured a Polynesian powerhouse named Rau Utu, who many feel paved for the way for Kratos and others to follow.

*WWE Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth

-My personal favorite wrestling game ever. The character list on here is extensive, the story mode is fun and recaps real events, and the overall feel of the game improved drastically from what the slept on WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It game brought us. I still could play this game today.

*Twisted Metal Black

-Twisted Metal had a hell of a legacy to begin with. This game for the PS2 just added to it. It gave charters some good backstory, featured amazing amounts of weapons and gear, as well as a fun online multiplayer mode to solidify it as one of the greats.

*SoulCalibur II

-This game was simply one of the most fluid and efficient fighting games of the era and still is hailed as one of the best today. Truly one of the most fun games that I've played on the PS2 console.

*God of War 2

-One would have expected this game to be on PS3 solely and carry the GOW brand into the next gen console era. The saga of Kratos continues here yet again, as we go through another gory chapter.

*Final Fantasy X

-I'm not necessarily a big fan of this series (surprise!), but I have to include this game on the list. The first FF game for PS2, it managed to stay true to the FF tradition while reinventing as well. A true classic game, plus the graphics are great.

*Gran Turismo 4

-I've never played a game that felt so real and had you behind the wheel. Gran Turismo is such a beautiful series as far as gameplay and graphics, but the fourth one is without a doubt the strongest in the series. If you're a fan of cars, the extensive selection and beautiful locations you ride in will definitely appease you.

*Kingdom Hearts II

-What do you get when you take the Final Fantasy world and mix it with a ton of Disney characters? One would expect a cheesy game, but instead you get a game that is full of amazing graphics and continously entertaining gameplay.

*Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition 

-This game took a fair share of criticism for being such a hard game to beat, but the difficulty is what added to the greatness of it. A prequel to the story of Dante essentially, this game was a large amount of fun, and challenging as well, which is what a game of this caliber should be.

*Resident Evil 4

-I've never been the biggest Resident Evil fan, but this game was truly groundbreaking for the entire series. The mechanics of this game became popular for every third person shooter that followed, so not only was this game fun, in many ways, it was also influential.

*Shadow of the Colossus

-One of the most acclaimed games on the console, this is one I never got to play, but have heard so much about that it is impossible not to include it.

*Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

-When I began playing Metal Gear, I was truly intrigued by the entire focus of the game and everything that came with it. This story was truly fun, the gameplay was amazing and everything flowed perfectly here. One of the best MGS sequels


-The greatest football game ever. Hands down. This game was without a doubt one of the most fun and extensive games to play for the system. If you've never played this game, trust me, you have missed out completely.

*Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

-I admittedly wasn't the biggest fan of Prince of Persia, but this game has always been hailed as one of the top on the console, so it definitely makes the list. This game reinvented the franchise and revitalized the Prince of Persia name.

*Silent Hill 2

-The best game of the entire series, this edition introduced us to Pyramid Head, a truly brutal villain in the story. The discussion on mental illness and child abuse, as well as the gruesome and scary imaging in this game make it one of the true greats. It is a game with suspense, and a better story than your average horror film. Still a classic.

*Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 

-The greatest game in PS2 history, hands down. The story of CJ, the feel of San Andreas, the gang violence, the 1990s feel of Los Angeles that it provided, this game was perfection all around. Where could you call somebody a mark, do a drive by, and still manage to hit the gym to get a workout in? All the characters, the story, the fun, everything about San Andreas is greatness and it tops this list by a wide margin. My all time favorite GTA and possibly all time favorite game period.

Have any more games to add to the list? Post them below in the comments as always.



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